Monday, September 3, 2007

A Bunch of Fives

All these posts and games of blogospheric tag have got me thinking about lists and top 5s. I won't tag anyone with this but feel free to do your own ones if you desire, and if you have a blog. You can of course do lists of some top 5 thing even if you don't have a blog, but it will just be a list that probably won't get seen by many people. Unless you're a journalist or something like that.

So, some random ponderings:

My top 5 Sri Lankan foods:

  1. String hoppers

  2. Rambutans (I know they're not strictly Sri Lankan but I'll always think of them as Sri Lankan)

  3. Lamprais

  4. Parippu

  5. Proper Muslim Buriyani.

My top 5 current gadgets:

  1. My MacBook

  2. This new Samsung mobile phone I've got. It's nothing special, just a standard type of thing but it's got a sexy tactile feel to it. A sort of rubberised silky plastic. I want to stroke it.

  3. The very trendy and expensive new kitchen timer I bought. It looks a bit like a seventies car speedometer and cost about 4 times the price of a "normal" kitchen timer. It was a pure impulse buy, I don't really need a kitchen timer anyway.

  4. This new ab machine thing. There I was, watching late night cable TV as we all pretend we don't do. On came an "infommercial" for the lastest abs trainer. It's so much better than the previous ones, which were all crap. It's revolutionary because it's so good for your back and gyms across the US are buying these in droves. Did I fall for this rubbish? Was I taken in and did I go online and order one immediately? Of course I did, of course I was and yes. I now own a blow up bean thing that you sit on and rock. It will make me have the abs of an average American within about 3 days.

  5. My Canon EOS 400D SLR. It makes taking photos a pleasurable experience in itself. A right little masterpiece of design. Everything feels very intuitive about it and my hands want to hold it.

5 things I've learnt recently:

  1. There is such a thing as too much planning, the whole "seat of your pants" thing can be fun.

  2. Some fear is good. It's healthy and positive and is what stops us from doing stupid things.

  3. Many women find drummers sexy.

  4. Attitudes are infectious. Some people are drainers of energy and others are big sources of positive energy. I know which type I want to be.

  5. Gut feeling, instinct, whatever you call it, is a powerful force but often hard to acknowledge. Once you do figure out how to latch on to your gut feelings many great things can happen.


L said...

These things I crave and are difficult to get outside Sri Lanka.

1. point pedro vadai, made in a specific way
2. seafood (Crab curry, shark and dried fish curry) Jaffna style
3. A good Mallung with samba rice
4. Proper Muslim buriyani
5. Jaffna fruit (Mangoes or Jak fruit)

Most other things are easy to get outside sri lanka these days.

Not sure if they have the old style elephant house ice cream any more, but I have fond memories. And an extra cheat: fresh wild boar curry

R said...

Please forgive my ignorance and shed some light on the "proper muslim buriyani", is it different to what you get at food courts etc..?

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

r - I honestly don't know why but the buriyani that is usually served in my father's family, who are all Muslims, is just different to all others. Perhaps someone else can explain why, it's just different.

T said...

i like that third thing you learnt recently :)

Lady divine said...

im interested to know what the Abs machine is...:-)

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

t - I thought you would!

Lady Divine - It's really ust a blow up bean shaped thing that I lie back on and then do sit ups with. It probably cost less to make than the packaging that it came with, but I think it will be quite effective. I'll keep you posted.