Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Load Of Pants

It is with great pride, pleasure and honour that I reveal my brand new pantaloon collection to you, my readership. Courtesy of Odel, that fine establishment.

My understanding is that brightly coloured pants are all the rage in the mens' undergarment world, so I have joined the thong throng.

The accountants and finance people among you will notice that there are exactly seven pairs of the new garish beauties. That could mean that I'll wear one each day, wash them all at the weekend and then start afresh every Monday. But, no, this will surprise you but I have other pairs also, so I think an average Rhythmic week from now on will see a mixture of coloured pants, or perhaps I should say pants of non white visual appearance, as well as a few plain blacks, blues and whites.

Interesting times are ahead.

What's new in your wardrobe this week?


Dinidu de Alwis said...

Bought myself a nice black party shirt! :)

Parthi said...

a nice white silk tie!

T said...

will you be wearing these with your skinny jeans then?

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Dinidu - Sounds nice!

Parthi - Very Interesting

T - Definitely, if that's ok of course.

T said...

LOL its ok by me. but you should post a picture of THAT :)

Gallicissa said...

I have not got anything to mine.
While we at pants & related things you'd be interested in this post by the Tazmanian Devil who has woken up and is on the prowl.

Charmed said...

This is totally random but the duvet you layed them out on looks real comfortable!

Lady divine said...

A t-shirt from the Odel Embark collection which has a comic on it and says "Dogs know how to listen"..:)

and then was spotted wearing it by a doctor at Apollo Hospital who came upto me and said "That's an interesting T-shirt... first time I saw that"..

and gave me a very nice smile..:) A hunk of an old gentleman he was! :)

Gutterflower said...

Nothing new in my wardrobe, but I did buy a pink tie for my dad.

Which of course he refuses to wear.