Wednesday, July 20, 2011

In Praise Of Indi

I believe in praise where praise is due, which is why I write this. I give Indi enough criticism when he says something I disagree with so I feel I should also do the opposite.

This post of his contains words and thoughts that I think we could all do with reading and pondering on, including me. We all do it, we group bunches of people together. I think it's very commonly done regarding the diaspora, but it's also done with the "local Sri Lankans", as if you who live in Sri Lanka all have one group opinion, thinking the same thing along every front.

As Rajiv and N pointed out in my recent post, I sometimes do it and I apologise for that. The sooner we start to realise that the diaspora contains about as many different views as it has people, that the local Sri Lankans hold more different opinions than even Hi!! Magazine features photographs of its own editor, the quicker we'll make progress.

The counter to that is that there are certain groups of people who are bonded by some communal thoughts and views, but one view shared doesn't mean all other views are shared.

Some people supported the LTTE's initial reasons for taking up arms, which doesn't mean that they supported the ongoing violence and warfare and terror. Some didn't support them from the start and others were forced to contribute financially because they wanted peace. And of course, sadly in my opinion but true, some supported them from start to finish.

Others may have supported the GoSL to different degrees. Some were okay with some things, not with others.

Many in the diaspora, many within Sri Lanka hold many views. There are stupid, ignorant and downright unpleasant people in all corners, but there are also bright, intelligent and sensible ones. Not only that, but there are people who can be every combination all in one.

It's a mad and mental world and that's just the Sri Lankan side of things!

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