Monday, January 9, 2012

2012 and all that.

Happy New 2012 to you.

It's Sunday morning as I write this and the holiday season is rapidly coming to an end. I've just dropped C at Heathrow so she can return to Singapore and I'm mentally preparing myself for my return to work tomorrow. These long distance relationships are full of ups and those other things, downs, that's them, and this is one example.

Only a few hours ago I sat here with C and the girls and we were watching Jurassic Park, eating Super Noodles and just generally shooting the breeze with plenty of activity. Now, as Bjork would no doubt say, it's oh so quiet and I go back to the pretty solitary life. She wouldn't have said the bit about going back to the solitary life, that was just me.

The festive season was a particularly good one, full of variety and spending time with the people who matter the most to me. C and I got in a few days break to Cornwall, which was damn fine. I haven't been there since I was a little kid and was amazed by the eerily bright and sunny light there. Lots of people have said that's why so many artists have felt drawn there over the years. It was something I never understood until seeing it for myself.

We went to the Tate (Cornwall dept) and I must tell you that I strolled around feeling more confused than a fart in a collander. What is it with this modern art business? Seriously, I ask you. There was one piece that was a white canvas with a small black line painted across the corner. It wasn't even a straight line, not even done with a ruler. My life as a parent is full of memories of A and K bringing back "art" like this from their nursery school days that would have then been displayed on a wall at home for a few weeks before being consigned to the attic or dustbin. If I could have come up with a story about the thinking that went into the placement off the crappy black line, or how the empty space symbolises the relationship between the human mind and a piece of cheese (not cheddar), I could have sold the things and made fortunes. But you know me, I'm just too honest for that kind of thing.

Overall though the Cornwall trip was a welcome sojourn and the new car was allowed to open up and fly for a bit. It doesn't really fly though you understand.

The afternoon is going to be a busy one here. I'll probably pop over to see my olds in a minute. The cancer continues to be fought and things look positive and good, yet we can't seem to get my Dad to have a positive and happy attitude about things. No one ever said this battle was going to be easy, but the unexpected things are, well, unexpected.

Then, after the parental visit, I've got a ton of drum practice to do, hard stuff at that.

So then I'll wish you a good week and an even better year, particularly to all those people like G12 who may be getting back to normality like I will be by the time you read this. And my apologies for any errors in the formatting of this post as I'm trying out a new device and not entirely us how to use the bloody thing.


Marc said...

all the best for 2012 mate, we welcomed it in true Lankan style in Colombo :)

Gypsy said...

I am getting back to normality, R, and I don't like it one bit. Happy 2012 :) xxx

Hoot-a-Toot said...

Happy new year to you, C and the girls!!

Anonymous said...

a fart in a collander. brilliant!