Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Songs to learn

1. Smooth Criminal - Alien Ant Farm

2. Can't stop - Chilis

3. Watching the detectives - Elvis Costello

4. Crazy - Seal

I have to learn them tonight. I should probably get on with it, rather than writing pointless blog entries.

I will then. Bye.


SpectralCentroid said...

Whoa dude, Smooth Criminal? Quite a handful ain't it?

On a side note, there was this NY band called 'More' who did a super version of crazy. Much better than Alanis Morrisette's cover.

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Spectral - Yes, it's a bit of a handful and I think I'm too old for all this thrashing around now! The trickiest one of the lot is "watching the detectives", a song with some great reggaeish drumming which I am doing a poor job of copying at the moment.

Arun said...

Watching the Detectives is my favourite costello track. Don't know much about drumming but it does seem like a tricky song-hope it works out