Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Rentals In Sort Of Law Arrival Pending

You recall I told you that I've got C's parents coming to stay with me for a few days? See point number 8 on this post.

Well the thing is that it's happening, and it's happening tomorrow. And, when I told you in the aforementioned point number 8 that I was shitting large bricks, I was pretty much misunderexaggerating. I reckon I'm a calm sort of chap, in possession of a set of feathers that don't often get ruffled, but this has ruffled the RD feathers.

You see C won't be around, it will just be me and her 'rents in RD Towers and I'm going to be doing my utmost to impress them. There was I, not too long ago, telling you about K's rather successful attempts to impress me with that boy Z, with his tales of drumming and music, and now here I am on the other end of the fish.

The Father, we'll call him Dr T, is a rather well known Colombo gynaecologist. I've got another post in the pipeline in which I'll tell you more about that but my point here is that I can't really strive to impress him with tales of my "expertise" in his choice of profession. For starters I even had to spell check the word "gynaecologist", or actually "gynocologist" as I'd written it. Then what would we discuss? If he's seen any good hoo hoos lately, or what?

It's not like drumming either. I don't envisage him and me bonding over tales of my amateur gynaecology, particularly when it concerns his daughter. There'll be no chat about what sort of sticks we use, who our influences are, that sort of thing. Don't get me wrong, we've met many a time and chewed the curry flavoured cud quite happily, but this is different.

C has kindly emailed me a long shopping list of food to buy for them and this is going to be particularly useful. The mother, we'll call her Mother T, is a vegetarian and not even a proper one who eats fish and prawns and most meat. No, she's one of those weird extreme ones who don't touch anything that has lived.

If not for that I'd have been quietly confident in my ability to impress them with a bit of rice and c, but my culinary skill with vegetables is on a par with the average woman's ability to be totally crap at multi tasking. RD Towers will be bursting at the seams with microwave vegetable lasagnes and all manner of things on the list, lentils and whatnot.

I've had my car cleaned throughly by some local East Europeans and am hoping that might look good on me. I've organised that my parents are going to have them for dinner on Friday night and I reckon that will be successful. Four oldish Sri Lankan people getting together and bitching about their kids is always a recipe for an enjoyable evening.

The scariest thing?

Only a few hours after they arrive they'll come up against meet A and K for the very first time. Even as I write this I get a butterflyish feeling in the very pit of my stomach. C's parents are going to witness me, their daughter's boyfriend, as a Father. A and K, those little lovelies you now know so well who know me as their Dad, are going to see me as, well you know.

The only variable I'm confident in is Mother T. She's a sound old bird in the best traditions and I know her and the girls will be fine. God alone knows what will happen with A and K and the good Dr T.

Wish me well please. I have a feeling I'll need it.


Charlene said...

Surely Dr. T is not a 24/7/365 gyno? What are his interests? Try to do more listening than talking and when you see a scrap of interest you enjoy, say non-committal things like; I enjoy that, etc.

Sach said...

Hahahaah good luck indeed RD! You sure as hell is gonna need it. I can imagine how K might find it funny you trying to impress your girlfriend's parents.

Oh and you know, having a complete non-meat-eater over for few days is OK compared to having to live with one for the rest of your life. Which is what I'm going to do.

Resident Princess said...

Good Luck RD. I'm sure it will all go splendidly. As Charlene said, surely Dr. T has other interests. :)

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Charlene + Resident P - Yes, you're both right. He does indeed have other interests and, unbeliveably, one of them is drumming, so I'm hoping I might be able to give him the keys to my drum kit and leave him to it for a bit.

Sach - Damn that must be a challenge. Will you still get to eat meat?

Thanks all for the wishes

PseudoRandom said...

Aww it'll be fine :-) I'm sure they're as nervous about this as you are! Do the girls know how you feel? It might be an idea to enlist their help. Kids can invoke the inner grandfather in even the sternest of men!

Good luck!

Sach said...

Oh no she doesn't want me to be a vegetarian thank god.

aufidius said...

Oh I am sure you will have no problem about getting on well with Dr.T. I mean, you sort of understand what he does ;)

The good part is, I am certain he doesn’t have the same understanding of what you do as much as you know of what he does. He must be equally or more wary of making a good impression on you ;)

Best of Luck!

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Pseudo - "Enlist the girls" ??? My God, you have no idea of the dangers that could involve. And you call yourself a girl??!

Sach - Phew.

The Auf - Thanks. You're right apart from the bit about his desire to make a good impression. He's not really the sort who's bothered about the likes of me!

cerno said...

I agree with Charlene. Dr/Mr T should have some bridge building interests. You need to deploy your spies to find out what those are.

But I think you are chilled out enough to be in the moment to respond to anything. So I (along with the voices in my head) are confident that you can pull this one off quite well.

All the best!

Chavie said...

Haha, you could always 'Ash cloud' them! :D

Good luck RD!

magerata said...

You better hold those farts that you are very fond of! I am awaiting to hear how our great philosopher handle the task!

Kirigalpoththa said...

Good luck RD! I think you'll get it through quite well..

I'm sure both you n Dr.T will have some common interest. But avoid Gyn and Obs. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my God! So much happening in RD's world! Good luck my friend!!! :)

I'm sure everything going to be just great!


ViceUnVersa said...

Do I hear bells ringing in the near future? Congrats C & RD!

Anonymous said...

Firstly I am slightly freaked out that people in the blogosphere are not only spending too much time contemplating what my dad does for a living.. but WAY too much time on what RD does with his gyno "knowledge"..I didnt know he had any.

I think that he should try farting near my mum.. she might find it funny but will also be disgusted, which would present an interesting challenge for him in the future. My dad sadly probably wont hear it, no matter how loud- and there have been some really loud ones (i am ashamed to say).

And the only bells that I hear are the ones in my head when I ve had one too many g & t's.


Gallicissa said...

Try and keep those flatus events to a minimal. Good luck!