Friday, July 16, 2010

A Boy's World - Mine

With thanks to the good Lady D for the inspiration

Things that make me happy

Feeling inspired
Feeling that I've inspired someone
Laughing from the inside
doing nothing with the people I love the most
doing something with the people I love the most
when it's the ad break in a programme and I change channel and switch back just as the programme is restarting.
London, Lanka and drums
Repeating things
Repeating things
Rice and curry
learning new things
hot weather

Open tag anyone?

Merry weekending all



Lady divine said...

You're most welcome dearest RD!!:)


Angel said...

Love it RD!!

Sach said...

I shall, soon.

maf said...

AIRPORTS??? that's like saying you like the cinnamon grand lobby...have you not seen "up in the air" pray do tell which airports do you like? heathrow (any of the terminals but especially terminal 1 or 3) on a good day feels like an overcrowded toilet in a cinema after the main feature is over, Gatwick, Sanstead and Luton are cesspits. City is convenient but tiny ..Colombo is now fairly decent but one usually passes thru it at ungodly hours and doesn't want to spend more than about an hour in it and can feel quite crowded when 3 or 4 flights are taking off at the same time; Singapore - Terminal 3 is awesome but Terminal 1 feels ancient and terminal is OK; Paris CDG is a nightmare - just try to catch a flight on time passing thru, Frankfurt is gawd-awful; Hamburg is full of the worst Germans; Zurich is nice but only because it so efficient; Hong Kong beautiful Norman Foster design but enormous and difficult to get around quickly; Dubai is way way overcrowded at any time of the day and is basically geared towards their duty free and nothing else - staff are the worst in the world; Delhi domestic is quite nice now but security is such a nightmare - still not seen the new international airport; Mumbai airport - where one expects to get lost or loose something;am i missing something?
I know this is a rant but I whole-heartedly agreed with the rest of your list and try to minimise my time thru airports and can't for the life of me understand why you would include it in the list. if you answer is along the lines of taking off to destinations or meeting someone at the airport etc then it is not the airport per se..

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Hey Maf - thanks for the comment.

At the risk of sounding a bit aggressive, which I honestly don't mean to be, I like airports because they make me feel excited. Whether I'm travelling or picking someone up or just driving through Heathrow, something I do very often as I work on the fringe of it, they make me feel excited.

The key word, which you must have missed was the "me" in the "things that make me happy". You'll probably have noticed that I didn't say "things that make Maf happy" or "things that lots of people feel happy about".

Hope you're well though!


Gallicissa said...


maf said...

sorry RD - I let my own jaded experiences get the better of me on what makes you happy.

doing well thanks - enjoying colombo in july. when are you here next?

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

No worries Maf, I'll be there in a couple of weeks time, maybe see you then

Marc said...

you left out barefoot on a Sunday afternoon...

Anonymous said...

what about Jeans ?

JP said...

Hey RD . I would do my list soon. Top one int list , a long dip in the sea in trinco and a lazy afternoon. Thought I'd let you know for your next visit .