Thursday, September 2, 2010

Getting Married In The Morning

Gosh it's been a long time since I last wrote a post, sorry about that. There's been a lot going on, not that that's any excuse of course.

So what's been happening in these parts?

I must confess, for I know I can trust you, that I found it quite hard to be back in London after the holiday in the motherland. The two weeks (almost) spent there, with C and the girls, was full of joyous laughter, fun and frolics. When we returned, without C, who stayed on and is now busily filming elephants in the jungles, I dropped the girls back at their place quite literally on the way back from the airport, then arrived at RD Towers entirely on my own.

The silence hit me like a herd of elephants flying out of a belfry in the dark stillness of a dodgy old horror film. No girls, no noise, no swans except for real ones, and no arguments. It took some getting used to. The hugely positive side is that the time together seems to have really helped my relationship with A. We're closer then before the holiday but I don't want to overthink it or get carried away.

After a couple of weeks life took over. There were the exam results, some band practices and a gig and there's more to come. Life has lapsed back into the regular things and, like all men, my search for the perfect pair of jeans and the ultimate pair of trainers continues with earnest.

Also there's a marriage happening, but calm down and panic not girls, it's not mine. It is Academic Bro's and, by the time you read this, I'll most probably be trying to put on my pristine new CK white shirt and tie and desperately trying to think of words and phrases to throw into the toast I've been asked to make.

Of course it's a toast that my Mum has asked me to make, not Academic Bro, so I hope he doesn't decide to have a read of my blog before his "I do" bit. I'll take the Monica Geller approach and aim to make people cry, that always keeps it in the memory. It's going to be a small wedding with just family present and my most important objectives are to make both mothers cry and to look good in the photographs.

As in any Sri Lankan parents' house there are some wedding pictures of the children on display and the one of Music Biz bro's wedding, that has been up for about ten years and will I'm sure be there for many more, shows me in what was not my best dressed day. At the time I'm sure I must have thought I looked good, something that astounds me now. Each time I look at the picture, placed proudly on top of my parents' TV, I see a baggy suit, a me who looks like a twat and I feel embarrassed.

For this wedding I'm determined to make amends. I want to look good in the pictures and I want fellows to look at the one that will surely be framed and displayed and gasp with admiration at my style and panache. So the suit is a la mode, the shirt is classic and the tie is trendy yet timeless. I'm taking a risk with the suit, it being thin, slim and black whereas I'm round, roundish and brown, but I reckon I'll pull it off.

There's lots more to tell you. I have a new phone, one of these HTC Desire android ones, and it's the dog's bollocks. It connects to Facebook, it has spirit levels, mail and maps. It's got Twitter and the net and all sorts of shiny things that you younger types take for granted. I reckon I'll just about have figured out how to work it by the time it's due for an upgrade. The main thing is that I no longer have iPhone envy. I can hold my weapon with pride, as long as I don't press the wrong part of the screen whilst doing so.

Oooh, ooooh, the other thing is I can read my blog on it. Which would be nice if I liked reading my blog, only I don't.

Happy birthday too to two of my favourite bloggers. Did you like the little "too to two" there? I think it was wholly grammatically correct. Today it's the birthday of Mr Kottu himself as well as good old, well even older now, DramaQueen, the funniest blogger by far. She's given us some valuable words of advice on the grand occasion here.

Happy birthday to them both, may their years and days be full of good things, perhaps a few rude ones too.

Bye then.


Marc said...

how does the HTC compare against the iphone ?

T said...

booo, academic bro is so cute :D

JP said...

But can you type a post from your phone?

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

T - Yeah, yeah, whatever!

JP and Marc - the phone seems great so far, not quite as intuitive to grasp as the iPhone but still easy. Battery life isn't the best, but the Android system has a lot to do with that. I can do all sorts of internet things with it. I've moderated comments and am sure I could write a post. The problem being that the phone won't come up with content for me!

Anonymous said...

T I think academic bro is cute, but RD is a bit sexier. Just thinking out loud.