Friday, September 10, 2010

Music, Excitement and Eid

Firstly I'd like to wish Eid Mubarak to all my Muslim readers. May it be a happy one.

I'm all excitement here, that butterfly in the stomach, there's too many good things happening to be excited about kind of thing.

Last night's Solskala gig was good, though the audience was small, and I don't mean that in a Sri Lankan average height was less than five foot sort of way. It was a club night in a highly trendy central London bar, with three other bands and a crowd who mostly looked like they'd just strolled in from a photoshoot for an Abercrombie and Fitch catalogue.

We were first on, always a precarious position, but we went down well and grooved hard and deeply. My first lesson last week with my new drum teacher has made me concentrate much harder when I play. Concentrate on the issue he pointed out to me about my groove. This is a slight bummer, my playing is better already but I'm at the conscious competence stage, during which I'm thinking about things, not yet flowing gracefully and naturally.

The relaxed and flow stage will come, as I practice more, I've just got to get through it. Still, the outward result is that my playing is better, even now.

The thing about these club gigs for originals bands, is the interesting variety of other music I get to see and hear. Some are great, some are terrible but, as a musician, albeit a drummer, they're always stimulating in some way or other.

Following us was a duo; a straight looking nerdy guy with glasses and the full Clark Kent look and a camper than a campsite singer with make up, effeminate clothing and dance moves that would have had Freddie Mercury and all the blokes in Village People drooling with admiration.

Clark played acoustic guitar, sang backing vox and took charge of all the effects while Freddie sang lead, danced like his life depended on it and rubbed his lycra at appropriate moments. They were like a cabaret act, with backing tapes and souped up versions of already well known songs. But they were fun.

One of the other bands was a bunch of well spoken posh Brit indi kids. They played slightly angsty indi rock and had a feel of well educated yet have no money, but only at the moment because we've all got loaded parents and are just pretending we don't have, about them. They were the kind of kids I'd quite like A or K to date, full of politeness, introducing themselves, shaking hands and being good eggs. Their music and vibe was fun and energetic, in a Coldplay on acid way, just not the sort of thing I'd opt to listen to.

I didn't hang around to watch the other band, for my need to get back was great.

The excitement builds as C is arriving tonight. I've tidied RD Towers, well P the cleaner has, and all is ready. And then tomorrow it's, yes, it's Muse at Wembley Stadium.

Oh lordy lord, things don't get much better for me. I'm going to Muse, at Wembley Stadium, with C, with A and with K.

So my weekend will be a top one.

Et vous?


aufidius said...

Ah super! Have a great weekend RD, pls give C my regards!

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

thanks, you too Auf, you'll prob see her next weekend!

Charlene said...

That's cool you're taking lessons eventhough you are most probably already a very good musician.

Your week end will be wonderful. Mine too, if I don't have to work!

I once paid someone to play piano so I could sing in an empty room. I loved it till they tried to get me to agree to a recital and I had to stop. Sigh.

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Hey Charlene - Well I wouldn't class myself as "very good" but nor am I a beginner. I've had many lessons since I started playing, but have only had sporadic sort of "one off" ones with various teachers in the last few years. Now I've decided to try to settle with a good teacher who can help me progress on an ongoing basis for a while, hence the lessons.

That's a shame about your singing, I think most of the joy in music, on the playing side at least, comes from playing with others and to an audience. I hate the thought of being a bedroom drummer.

Have a great weekend in Americaland too!

magerata said...

Hope your happiness be infectious and I really hope you have a great time. As for music, I have been taking lessons for ever to strum my base properly and in tune. But this has taught me a lot about compassion than how to lick my guitar. I feel for my teacher, who looks as if he is ready to burst into tears, every time I walk in to the studio.
Have a good time with your family. I just feel, I can imagine your smile and glee. I too have felt the same way, gleefied, when my Mom allowed me to have a cookie, before the dinner. Just last week :)
Be good

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Thanks Magerata - Be good too and don't eat too many of those cookies before dinner!