Thursday, January 17, 2013

Oooh David Blacker, You're So Cute!

Yes, a bit of an attention grabbing headline I know. But still, we're here now.

I have a question for you; why is it that women, or females as they're often referred to, continually congratulate each other on their beauty and looks (mostly on Facebook admittedly) whereas as us blokes never do?

Time after time I see photos of ladies and time after time I see lists of comments and likes, some of which will be by men but most will be by women.

It's rarer than a tax concession on importing racing cars to a recently war torn country to find a picture bunged up by a bloke of himself that's adorned with comments by other chaps saying things like:

"You're so beautiful boy", "You've got beauty both inside and outside", or simply "3>" or however the hell you do those heart things.

I'm seriously thinking of spending a day writing these soppy messages on all my male friends' walls, just to see what the reaction is.

Why do women do it?

Please tell me.

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