Thursday, February 7, 2013

You And Your "Little" World


I wonder what you might think of this; I often ask my girls what's happening in their life. And, I usually say

"So, what's going on in K's world?" Or "What's happening in A life?"

To me, those specific wordings sound good. I feel as if they give attention to the people concerned and usually generate an interesting (to me) response. Except of course when the TV is on or when one of them has a laptop, iPad or mobile phone to hand. Which is hardly ever, as you'll know if you've ever spent any time with teenage girls. If you're American then at this point I strongly suggest you look up the definition of the word "sarcasm".

The other day someone, someone who I think genuinely cares for me and whatnot, asked me an almost identical question yet it angered and annoyed me. I say "angered and annoyed" and I mean that in an internal sense. I didn't erupt or show any outward anger, I just inwardly rolled my eyes and sighed a little bit, then replied rather nicely. Nor did I dwell on it. Much.

The actual question?

"So RD, what's been happening in your little world then?"

It was the one word; little, that pissed me off. I found it patronising and belittling. As if "my" world is a small one that has no relevance to the real world. Which of course is true, but one doesn't just go out there and say  it. I wouldn't meet a fellow and ask him what was going on in his insignificant life, even if I don't care much for what has happened to him lately.

And yet I realise it's not very different to the way I'll ask my girls the same thing.

What do you think? Would it affect you too?

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