Friday, June 9, 2006

Jennifer Aniston and Vicki Butler - Henderson.........

.......... are fighting over me.
It's a tough, no holds barred type of girl fight fuelled by each woman's intense and burning passion to have me, and only me.

I have seen Jennifer sitting at a drum kit and I have seen Vicki test driving cars. I am not sure which one of them I would choose so I think the only fair thing is to let them have a fight. That is, unless they can work out some sort of deal where they share me.

The other night there was some oldish crappy American lovey dovey film on TV, featuring our Jen. It was one of those feel good ones that makes you think that every town is full of gorgeous single women, all of whom are desperately seeking a man to spend the rest of their life with and they all prefer intelligent, normal, ugly blokes. Just like real life then, apart from the normal and ugly bit. Oh, and the single bit. And the desperate bit.

Ironically the male lead in this film was played by the bloke who played Phoebe's husband in Friends. I think the film was made before he got involved with Phoebe but it still didn't seem right, not just because he played a gay bloke but also because Rachel would never try to get involved with Phoebe's man. We all know that.

Vicki B-H is a very British type of girl. That's her, the one above looking fresh faced and lovely!
She looks like that and she is a racing driver. She probably likes Muse, funk and drums. She has a gravelly, sexy voice, a wickedly naughty laugh and a cheeky and impish grin.

There's not much to say about Jennifer A that isn't known by most people anyway. Classic beauty, cute vulnerabililty, looks great in jeans and a T shirt, hangs around in coffee shops, marries Brad Pitt. You know the type.

I think i'll get on with my dreaming now. Vicki looks like she's winning but I swear she is about to have her top torn off. Go on Jennifer!! Or Vicki. Go for the bra strap, go on pull it. That's it Jen, get her G string.............................

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