Tuesday, June 6, 2006

What are you listening to this week?

Maybe it's the warm weather, blue sky and the feel good factor but there seems to be a lot of good music around right now. That is, if you have the same taste in music as I do. In my car CD player at the moment is:

  1. Bright Idea by Orson - Guitary, poppy, boppy and great. It's a shame they're from the US as it seems such a quirky British sound. A very Summery album.
  2. The new Pearl Jam album - I almost gave up on this one. But I persevered and I am glad. Every song is a winner on this. Great driving music. Matt Cameron, their drummer is on top form as well.
  3. Mezmerize - System of a Down. A band I keep coming back to. Not your average heavy rock because they chuck in Armenian melodies and rhythms every now and again. Just as well that their origins are Armenian then.
  4. Funk Drops - A compilation of old school funk. Powerful grooves, funky guitar and corny lyrics. It doesnt' get much funkier and it never feels any groovier!
  5. A playlist - All centred around "Supermassive black hole" by Muse. The song that sounds like Prince if he tried to rock things up a bit. This CD also has "Steady as she goes" by the Raconteurs on it. I hate the White Stripes with a passion but Jack White's sideline is a different kettle of jam. Also on this are 2 live tracks by Gomez, "Get myself arrested" and "Whipping Piccadilly". A band that haven't made it as big as people thought they would but I like them.
  6. Space - An empty hole - So I can buy an album this week and bung it in there without making a sacrifice.

Those are my choices for this week. What are you listening to?


anush wij said...

Hed Kandi - 'Serve Chilled' :)

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Unknown to me - I'll check it out though.

childof25 said...

Calling - Camino Palmero
Incubus - Morning View
Krishan - Asian Avenue
Leftfield - A Final Hit
Marvin Gaye - The Love Songs
Thievery Corporation - Richest Man in Babylon

There seem to be a fair few American bands with quirky british sounds, the Thrills come to mind...really, not a White Stripes fan? It took me a couple of listens before they kinda grew on me...their last album was kinda cool :)

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Nice selection there CO25. I like most of Incubus' stuff, particularly Wish you were here and the first track on the album.
( I can't remember its name) I think the White Stripes thing for me is because I am being a bit of a muso. Meg White is one of the worst drummers ever and I find it hard to listen to their music knowing that. Despite her lack of aptitude I think she plays exactly what is right for each song.

S said...

I thought the Thrills were from Dublin?

I'm not actually listening to anything cos exams are on my mind.

Last thing I listened to was a breakcore track by a guy called Com.a. Crazy Japanese electronic guy; great if you were ever into the rhythm side of NIN/Machinehead.

Venetian Snares are playing a gig a lot of my mates are checking out 2nite.

Ooh, there's this new Asian guy you gotta check out..he's a poet-rapper thing...he's called Babar Luck.


S said...

PS My fave 'Incubus' song is 'Drive' followed by 'Megalomaniac'.

I think Morning View is one of their weaker albums.

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Hey S - I must check out some more Incubus stuff to find out, Morning View is the only one I have. I'll try to listen to your other suggestions and see what I think.

childof25 said...

Eh...my bad..Thrills are from Dublin, they wrote one of their album sitting in San Diego...I tend to have trouble with comprehension sometimes :)

Drive is an awesome song (someone nicked my Make Yourself so haven't heard it for awhile), but there this song on Morning View, aqueous transmission which I'm addicted to for some reason..

just downloaded that Babar Luck dudes songs, he looks pretty comical, sorta like a brown zz top!

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

My problem is that, every time I see the name "Babar Luck", I think of Baba the Elephant. It kind of ruins the image for me!