Friday, June 23, 2006

Positive stuff

Some people just can't help sounding negative. Other people are naturally positive. I know which type i'd rather be.

These are some phrases I have picked up on lately that sound positive at first but actually convey a very negative image:

"I don't disagree with you" - I hear this one a lot in various meetings. It is usually followed with a "but" and then the person goes on to explain what they disagree with. If I ever think of using this phrase now I try to replace it with "I agree with you". It forces me to think of the concept more positively.

"I'm not too bad" - The most common answer to "How are you?". The only way to answer the question and sound more negative would be to say "I'm really crap" and give a long list of problems and ailments. When asked now I always say something like "I'm great thanks". Unless I'm not, then I give a long list of problems and say that I'm crap.

"Don't forget" - Surely if you ask someone to remember something then that will be more powerful than telling them not to forget it.

"No problem" - I used to say this a lot, particularly when talking to customers. Then I realised that it creates an image of problems in the mind of the person you are talking to. It's far better to just say "yes". It save so much time too.

So there you have it. My top tip for the day is to remove all the above from your vocabulary. It will make you sound more positive and constructive. It really works.


Mr. Evil said...

True words of wisdome! I shall remember the one about "No Problem!" Use that a lot meself! lol :) as fo the "I don't disagree with you" i got no control of it.. i get to hear it a lot :'( lol :)

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Thanks. I realised a lot of this a while ago and it honestly has made a big difference to how I appraoch things.

Mr. Evil said...

Ur Welcome! and Yes thats true.. i can understand.. there are some things you can change in yourself to make a better living for yourself! I shall take your advice.. and perhaps even pass it on in conversations! (if you don't mind that is!)

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

No problem I don't disagree with you!

anush wij said...

Amen to that mate!. Ever since I started uni in London, i started doing the whole "not toooo bad" thing. ugh. I shall change from today! (Until im bakc in london maybe :P )

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Go for it anush - let's spread some positivity, you know it makes sense!

childof25 said...

I used to say not too bad, then realised in terms of sales that is the worst thing you can say...I tend to say "I'm awesome" when dealing with clients, etc.

I like "no problem" though, reminds of small, laid back island nations :)

Ayman said...

keep it blazin!