Sunday, February 17, 2008

More On Darwin Stuff

I don't know how to do links on this MacBook thing that I love so much, but if I did, I'd chuck a link to Darwin's post. She edited it to make the point that she doesn't have a beef with everyday followers of Islam who don't speak out against violence and fundamentalists. Her beef is with Muslims who appear on TV and in the media, who are in a position to talk and be heard, and who don't.

Well I'm content with that and I think her point is valid, so I feel it's worth outlining in this post. It's a good thing that Muslims refrain from consuming pork, rather than beef, or Darwin's liberal use of the word "beef" may have caused an outrage. As things stand her blog may be swamped by fundamentalist Hindus with all kinds of threats. My money is on the famous parasitologist. We live and learn, I never knew there was that much to learn about parachutes, but now I do.

I won't close comments on my original post, but it wasn't my intention to start a debate about the publication of the cartoons, that was a side issue. If anyone wants to carry on with that one then feel free.

It's early, I'm going back to sleep.

Happy Sunday all.


Darwin said...

The edit was because most people who read it seemed to miss the point of my post, even you. The edit wasn't 'new' as such, it's been on my blog since the day I posted that post, in the form of a clarification in the comment area. I put the edit up on the post itself because of the obvious laziness (on part of the people you directed over to my blog, and I think you too) to read the comments all the way through before getting worked up.

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Well I'm sorry for being lazy and getting worked up then!