Monday, February 4, 2008

Theena's Weiner v2.0

There was a young poet called Theena
He was proud of his massive weiner
But his pants were so tight
That he'd over excite
And shoot all over the cleaner


One Day he saw this pretty lady
On his way to a show in Wembley
He had to forget that
Because of a little mishap
And rush back home in a hurry


Theena's pants were quite tight
Due to his weiner's great might
So proud to show off
What was behind his loin cloth
That everyone gasped in delight.


There was also a girl called Cynical
Who thought the weiner was miniscule
But she didn't know
That when it started to grow
It really was quite astronomical


There was a blogger called RD
Who had a rather complex psyche
Based on his limerick
On a topic quite phallic
I think he's got weiner envy



Theena said...

That would make for a fantastic death metal song.

Jack Point said...

Hey Man, whats got a hold of you? Reading the headline of your last post , for a moment I thought you had managed to get into someones pants, and now limericks on weiners....?

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Jack Point - Yes, I can understand your concern but I think I'm over the dodgy spell now!