Friday, October 23, 2009

"If Your Situation Is Life Threatening..."

The ongoing issue of the possible RD diabetes continues. There's a large pot full of "taking the piss" jokes that lesser bloggers would resort to at this point, but you know me. I've never been the type to use toilet related humour or talk about smut. Or both. Hardly ever.

I called my Doctors' surgery the other day to attempt to get the results for my blood test. There's a whole serious post lurking in the sidelines; one about the benefits and advantages of the British National Health Service versus the fact that it appears to have so many fundamental flaws, moving on to the issue of whether it's actually free anyway. I'd subtitle the post

"Why the hell should I have to chase the results of my blood test when you said you'd call me after two days and then I heard nothing for a week anyway?"

But that's for another time, one when I'm in more of a ranting mood, which is rare anyhow.

So I called the surgery and the line was answered by a robot machine thing. These robot machine for answering phone things are all well and good but I'm waiting for someone to realise that there's a next level of quality and efficiency we could get to. There's a way to do it quicker, cheaper and with better quality, simply by using East Europeans for the job.

I listened to my automated options and the first bit I heard made me laugh in quite a hearty manner. Even now, some days later, the exact amount of days I'm unsure of as I haven't yet decided when to publish this post, I can't rationalise it and work out why this is so funny to me. Perhaps you'll think it's as unfunny as a back to back showing of the Steve Martin Pink Panther films, maybe you'll laugh with me and wonder why.

The message went like this:

"welcome to the Our opening hours are 8 until 5.30. You can press the star key at any time to hear the options again. If your situation is life threatening please press zero....."

It set me off on one.

Merry weekend all.


ViceUnVersa said...


Merry weekend to you too!


Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Morning DD - did you watch it last night? Freedom of speech can be quite wonderful sometimes!