Friday, October 30, 2009

This World Wide Web Thing

It's a bit mad this.

So we've abbreviated the longish term of "world wide web" to www. This makes perfect sense, everyone likes a good acronym, or an a, as I like to call them.

www is three characters whereas world wide web is God knows how many. Typing www is far easier than world wide web, I should know, I've just done it a few times and got it wrong each time.

But, and it's a big but, when we're talking and we say the words "world wide web" there are three syllables involved. It's easy isn't it? You say the word "world", you follow it up with a "wide", then you chuck in a "web", even an American could do it without considering it as hard work and having to stop for a Big Mac in between two of the sounds. Probably.

But, and it's another biggish one, we don't talk and say "world wide web" do we? We say "www". But, and I shan't labour the big but thing, in order to say "www" we actually say "doubleyou, doubleyou, doubleyou," which is nine syllables. So, to say the a takes us nine times as long as saying the actual full length phrase.

I know it's not a huge amount of time here, it's not as if saving the time would enable the average man to have an extra day off each week or something.

It is a little bit mad though isn't it?

They say Dolphins and Elephants are stupid!

Oh, no they don't.

A merry weekend to you all out there.


Anonymous said...

what do you call a shortened form of an acronym??....i have heard it being called "dub dub dub"

Angel said...

Just read Cerno's post... well done!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your '1000th' Post ! : ) ...

Jack Point said...

Hey congratulations.

I think hitting a 1000 posts is almost like reaching a 1000 runs in May.

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Thank you for the 1000 post wishes, but I'm currently on number 999, so pace yourselves chaps!

JP said...

RD while some posts have been "shitty" have followed your adventures and enjoyed. Since you have mentioned where has jule's gone?