Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I'm going to blow my own trumpet, just a bit.

This is, as those Italians say, my Mth post. Or in English it could be described as my thousandth post. Or in Singlish we might say something like "well done machang, a thousand posts no."

And it makes me feel quite emotional to be honest.

My blog began as an experiment, an experiment to see what would happen, one without a hypothesis and still without a conclusion. Though I know not whether a conclusion can be reached if there's no hypothesis to start with.

It's taken about three and a half years to get to the first millennium and such a huge amount of big stuff has happened in that time, in my life, your life and life in general.

In the case of the first person I've got divorced, I've joined three or so bands, I've left one or two of them. I met C and I've moved four times, two of which were back to my parents' place. Yes, I think it's fair to say that the only thing that hasn't changed dramatically in my life is my work. If, on the day I'd started blogging, you'd told me that all of this would happen to me I'd have phoned up a Doctor to have you carted off to a special place.

There's no point in me telling you about the specific things that have happened in your life, as I don't know who you are, but the chances are that you're one of the people who have been affected in some way by the end of hostilities in Sri Lanka. Most of us, Lankans, Lankan diaspora and people who have an interest in Serendib have been affected somehow. Isn't it amazing how things, which looked so bleak three and a half years ago, look so different now?

The Sri Lankan blogosphere, or the Lankanosphere as someone has christened it, has changed beyond recognition. I don't know the exact figures but Kottu has changed and developed from a small handful of close knit bloggers to a vast spray of over three hundred Lankan and Lankan related blogs.

Many of my old favourites have gone, their blogs deleted or hidden from view, making me look back and wonder if Julesonline, Hot Chocolate and so many others were real or imaginary. Did they exist, did they really regale me with their tales and adventures then vanish so abruptly?

Others have gone from public to private blogs, from regular to irregular blogging, for numerous reasons.

Then there have been some constants. Indi has been consistent and, as a blog is over six years old. He still. Writes very. Short sentences. He still gets read by just about everyone.

Lady D goes way back to January 2006 and Sittingnut goes all the way back to Aug 2005.

Yes, one thousand posts after I started lots of things have changed and lots have stayed the same.

I've learnt loads.

If you've been a reader, a commentator, a fellow blogger, a friend or a foe then the chances are that I've gleaned something from you. I've learned a hell of a lot more about Sri Lanka and have got even more attached to the country that I'm proud to be from, that I'm proud to consider as one of my homes.

The best thing? I've met and made some great and fantastic friends, too many to mention by name, though I should mention DD as he's prone to sulking!

Thank you, here's to 2M.


EDIT - I was going to start this post by saying that something like

"By the time you read this Cerno will probably have published a post about the subject, as he's a bit like the Sri Lankan mother of the Lankanosphere with the way he keeps track of blogoversaries and events."

I decided that I wouldn't, as it was unlikely that Cerno's powers would extend this far, that he'd even notice.

I was wrong. Thank you very much for the post Mr Cerno, I think I might love you.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I'm sure you know, but, I've enjoyed ur blog a lot! And wish you many more days of regaling us with posts! good luck!

And since I'm prone to grumbling as well, didn't I deserve even a passing mention? A whatshername? sniff!Oh well!

Best wishes!


sue said...

Congratulations RD. I love the way you write and I always read your posts with a smile on my face sometimes with envy because for the life of me I can't write like you nor posses your wit. Here's to more and more lovely posts from you!

Sach said...

Hope there will be a 2M. And 3. And 4. And many more.

Gyppo said...

This may be a stupid question by why 'm'? Keeps making me think you've written a million posts.

But 1000 is fantastic enough - after just 3 years too! We've enjoyed you every step of the way, R. And you know it too, you cheeky bugger.

You really are quite madly good.



Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Indyana - Thank you, and yes you certainly do deserve a mention. Or a whatsername.

Sue - Thank you also, I'm amazed that these outpourings from the deepest recesses of my head seem to get the attention they do. As for my wit, well I only wish I was this funny in real life!

Sach - As always thanks for the comment, I hope so too.

Gyps- Because M is the Roman numeral for 1000. Thank you for the reading and the friendship.

ViceUnVersa said...

Bravo and many many encores!

Well done RD, Congrats!

Personally your blog has it's similarities to an epic, as you say we followed you through all your life's trails, tribulations and triumphs.

It's been a great pleasure. Thank you.

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

DD - Ta, as ever. And a VGM2U out in the sticks.

Lady divine said...

wow! Congrats RD!! and here's to many more M's..:)

Sometimes I sit and read my old blogposts...and think of the journey I've completed so far.. it's nice..and I believe it's somewhat the same for you..

As I've mentioned before, you're one of my fav bloggers..:)

Take care

Anonymous said...


Big congratulations to you. I started reading your blog a few years ago, and have been hugely cynical of blogging and bloggers.

My position however has changed quite dramatically.

Well done for reaching this milestone and for now being published in the Kottu magazine- you more than deserve it.

Java Jones said...

Cheers, man - and may there be many more...

Anonymous said...

ummm... congrats AGAIN ! You totally ROCK !

dramaqueen said...

Oi! Confragulations!

I'm still faffing around without having even posted my 100th yet. Blimey.

Keep amusing me, please.

N said...

Wow...congrats RD!! Here's to many more!

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

LD - It's mutual, I assure you.

Anon - thank you from the bottom of my drum stick bag. If you're opinion on bloggers has changed a bit then that's great.

Java + Nat - Thank you again.

DQ - Just bloody write a post.....please.

N - You'll always be my first!

gutterflower said...

Congrats, and heres to more. :)

ViceUnVersa said...

I would respectfully like to point out here that the 'debonair' and 'sarcasm' seems to be a miss in your posts of late.
What happened to the male 'fashionista' of our blogsphere? The bloggness of your posts, from wiping the shit to the high street of Knightsbridge have been amiss...
More of the latter please...
A little more London and a little less Lanka?

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Gutterflower - Thank you v much

DD - Oh ok, it will be back to normal soon then.

T said...

congrats! :)

Gallicissa said...

Congrations from a rainy Yala National Park!

Serendib_Isle said...

RD, fantabulous! Congrats and here's to the 2nd Kilo.
By the way, I too wonder where most of the original SL blogger crew have gone... occasionally.