Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ooops Dad Did It Again!

It was about eight forty five in the morning, that's quarter to nine for the less advanced amongst you, and I was busily pretending to do some work at my desk. My mobile rang, that's a cell for the Lankans among you. I glanced at the display and it said "A calling", A being the fifteen year old daughter, not A the carpet cleaner.

I had that momentary feeling of worry that most parents can probably relate to. Her class should have started so I wondered if she might be at home sick or if there might have been some sort of emergency going on. After some fumbling around with the new sexy phone, that old man's fumbling that involves staring at the thing and wondering how the hell I answer a call, I managed to figure which virtual button to press.

It was one of those calls that people make by mistake, those annoying but interesting ones when they've left their phone in a pocket or a bag and somehow they or the phone have managed to make a call that they're unaware of.

They're annoying because the receiver usually rolls an eye or two, makes that tutting noise and feels slightly angry at the interruption. They're not that annoying though are they? We always listen, realise what's happened and then keep listening for far longer than is really needed, just to satisfy our curiosity and be a bit of a peeping tom, perhaps an eavesdropping Dad in this case.

True to form I listened and heard a cacophony of voices. It was evident that A was in her class, probably with her phone in her bag. I could just about pick out her voice but the main sound was that horrible clutterred mix of schoolkids, girls at that. It sounded as if it was the class get together thing before the teacher had turned up, all excitedly showing off and laughing and shouting. I did that "Hello, hello, A are you there?" thing that we all do too. There was no response.

After the most brief of listens, perhaps only staying on the line for about ten minutes, I hung up and thought that it would be good to call her back, to let her know that she's left her phone on, which is a serious offence in her school. I did so.

The phone rang then was answered by A. But, before she said anything I heard another adult voice saying "you're year 11 now, you're now getting away with this".

I heard A say something quite meekly to the adult voice, along the lines of "sorry" and then the line went dead. As I write this post I'm waiting to hear the consequences. In all likelihood her phone has been confiscated and I'll be public enemy number one. My pleas of only calling her to tell her that the phone was on and such will be met with the wrath.

Vut too doo?


sue said...

Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned! Good luck RD!!

Sach said...

Plead guilty and beg for her mercy. I know this isn't going to do any good, but what other options do you have?

David Blacker said...

Ever wondered why they invented sms????

Gypsy said...

Cutest post ever!!! I hope the kid isn't too mad. And maybe, years later, you can show her this post and I PROMISE you, she'll go "awwww!".

I love how you manage to pinpoint these little quirks that we all seem to have in common but never really think about.

"We always listen, realise what's happened and then keep listening for far longer than is really needed, just to satisfy our curiosity and be a bit of a peeping tom..." - Case in point. Haha.

I read it over and felt slightly ashamed, like I'd been caught red-handed, because I do the exact same thing.

Brilliant post, R. Btw, your sexy phone hasn't texted my not so sexy phone in a while. They're in danger of becoming estranged...

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

G12 - Thank you for the nice comment.

DB - It never occurred to me that events would turn out as they did. Just thought that she'd answer it, turn it off and go to her lesson. Hindsight eh?!

Sue - Thank you, I think I'll need it.

Sach - Very few I fear, except bribery.

dramaqueen said...

Bad, BAD daddy.

Black Rose said...

Oh dear :)

But I agree with Gypsy, she'll go Awww in a couple of years.

Good Luck :)

and oh, Texts work :)