Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Saturday Night Quickie

I can't hang around and write a lengthy post with all the wit you've got used to. I'm in a rush, off to a gig tonight.

It's a birthday bash for some chap in town, should be fun, there are magicians and comedians and us, playing two sets. Tonight we debut Learn To Fly by the Foos. It's not the first time I've played it live but it's the first for this band and I think the maiden for the rest of the guys. They reckon it's not well known enough to go down well. I think they're wrong. In a few hours time I'll know the answer.

It's also the debut outing for my new Converse (s) in "optical white". Of course, as any metrosexual can relate to, I'm slightly concerned that they're just that little bit too new and too white to look cool. There might be a few people (singers and guitarists no doubt) making attempts to stamp on them and firty them.

The jeans will be the dark blue slim ones. C hates them but I like them. Pah, is all I can say to that. My choice of T shirt remains to be er, chosen. It's going to be something Superdry, I don't know exactly which one yet.

Well, toodle pip. I wish you all, whichever town and whichever country you're in, a good Saturday night.



Serendib_Isle said...

Well, break a leg RD!

Nat said...

Hope you managed to dirty up those converse's well're right. white just is'nt so cool unless its all dusty and well worn in....try letting your dog chew on it a bit too ;) seriously !

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

S Isle - Thanks, luckily I didn't, though I did drop a stick at one point!

Nat - but I have no dog, vut too doo?

Serendib_Isle said...

hah ha ha!