Thursday, January 21, 2010

Kottu Stats Gone Mad?

A cursory glance at the Kottu stats made me do a double take. Twice.

Are the most popular Lankan blogs getting even more hits than usual or has there been a glitch in the system?

One thing's for sure; with the election looming larger than a pair of old Muslim aunts at a Sri Lankan wedding, the Lankanosphere's taken on a very different look and feel to normal, whatever normal is. Politics, of the Presidential kind, is all the rage these days.

Meanwhile I've been learning Mr Brightside and wondering what it is about it that so many people love.

Et vous?


greene said...

possibly the fact that kottu is now a supplement on the sunday leader

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Greene - Possibly, but I'm talking about a change in the last day or two, whereas the print Kottu's been out for a few months now.

sittingnut said...

soem of it may be due to election.
but most of it is imo manipulation.

the stats can be and have been manipulated easily ( not necessarily by the blog owners ) .

i have long pointed this out. ever since my blog once received such fake hits ( for unknown reasons) which i reported to all concerned.

i have even asked permission from kottu administers to demonstrate this by sending hits for a randomly picked blog up in case they are reluctant to admit the posiblity. no response. ( i would not do anything of the kind without permission)

i doubt printing of selection has any effect since the recent abnormally high stats occurred this week and while print version was there for some time.

also if you go to stat counter you will see that unique visitor count for kottu has not gone up

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Sittingnut - Yes, dare I say it but I agree with you!

It's certainly an unusual occurence for hits to appear to go up so much in a few days.

sittingnut said...

here is another blogger who has got fake hits complaining

aim of those doing this seem to be either to make the bloggers who get such hits suspect and unpopular among rest of bloggers , and/or to cover up other blogs that are being promoted by similar hits.