Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Land Like No Other (unconfirmed)

Like so many other diasporic Sri Lankans I'm at my desk watching things unfold from afar, which is not to say that there are loads of us huddled around my desk, you probably know what I mean though.

Twitter, Facebook, email and text messaging are working as hard as a Polish builder in London to keep me as informed as possible. With the way the motherland is I wonder if I'm more, less or just differently informed compared to you people out there.

Latest reports, all unconfirmed, say that SF is at the US Embassy at the moment, the Cinammon Lakeside is surrounded by armed personnel and Delifrance has run out of Tuna mayonnaise. Things are that bad.

The election results look to be firmly in favour of MR, but who knows for sure at this stage? As I type I've just seen on FB that state media has declared MR to be the winner, but that there's no word from the elections commisioner.

The government is to sue SF and four German tourists in the swimming pool at the Cinammon Lakeside have complained about the noise.

The vote went with SF in the North East and MR in the rest of the country, or so it seems. It suggests that those in the North East, those who voted at least, wanted change. The rest of the country wanted more of the same.

And now a government minister has announced that they've provided security to the hotel where SF is staying. Hmmmm....... is my considered opinion on that one.

And crazily I've just been looking at the availability of flights in the coming weeks. I doubt I'll be able to organise the time and diary windows to do it, but I really feel that calling, the one to get out there and smell that aroma of Serendib, to be immersed in things.

Yes, it's fucking mental and crazy, but when Sri Lanka is in your blood it stays there. (unconfirmed).

PS - thanks to Groundviews, Indi, Dinidu and too many others to mention for all the updates on all the mediums.


sittingnut said...

sore loser spreading rumors and you believe them ? and spread them further ?

now we know what you are !

David Blacker said...

He's got you now, RD!

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Once again the ranting and raving RD gets defeated by the cool and calm irrefutable logic of Sittingnut.

ViceUnVersa said...

Oh well RD internatioanl news have officially confirmed the Win for MR. What I really fail to see is why people refused to accept the obvious. President Rajapakse even won the Colombo district. Six years of continuty, IMF loan for 2.5 billion of the best, a rising stock market and fantastic tourism figures for past Dec.
A friend in Atlanta, Georgia, US citizen and fully qualified proffessional summed it up beautifully this morning via skype:
"Machan we are all fucking suffering and miserable in the west while Sri Lanka is rocking and the people live large".

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

DD - I think there are many poorer people in Sri Lanka who would disagree with your friend. Only time will tell my esteemed friend!

ViceUnVersa said...

RD can't you hear the singing? It's over. The people have spoken. Rebel from Kandy had the guts to say it, Sri Lanka is now officially confirmed as a Sinhala Buddhist country. Has the war, killing and suffocatiion stopped? War and killing yes. The rebuilding must start. It must start by all of Sri Lanka working together. Electoral contests in SL for the past four decades have not being ruled by the norms of the west. What truly makes it SL is our own set of rules and way of living. Macho bullshit, no! Many South American countries share the same view as Sri Lankans.
The better man won. Let him now get on with it. MR proved his dick is bigger, his balls are large. He's the man homy. Respect.

ViceUnVersa said...

Poverty is relative. Ask a British teenager living in the skids of Burnley housing estates in argubaly the fourth richest country in the world. Or the kids who tortured the other kids, as young as 10 years.
SL does not have Mumbai's slums or the ghettos of NY...
So you will ask me what the f'ck am I doing here? I ask myself that every morning and at night before I sleep.

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

You may well be right DD.

Anonymous said...

"Poverty is relative"
That is true.

A Sri Lankan living in a village mud hut is poor but he is asset rich as the fellow has land, acres of it and plenty of sun and no snow.
While we are rich in $$$ stuck in a 8*8 cubicle by the day and 4 perch land by night. How many days of sun have we had the last week ?

Now whoose rich :)

Gypsy said...

Sigh. :/

sittingnut said...

so you now added 'unconfirmed '

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Sittingnut - "Unconfirmed" was there from the start.

sittingnut said...

you sure it was not a rumor (unconfirmed) about word 'unconfirmed'?


sorry if comment duplicated some errors popped up

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

100% Sittingnut. Scouts honour, it was there from the start.