Friday, February 5, 2010

The 2009 Lankanosphere Awards - The Fashion Police Are Coming For You Award

Morning All, I hope you're enjoying the proceedings so far. There's a lot more to come and next week is when things get all proper and serious, like a Sri Lankan election commissioner writing a letter to his mum.

Today's award is a brand new one, a category that many try and fail with spectacular success to get into.

The Fashion Police are Coming For You Award is pretty much what it says, it's about notable fashion disasters made by members of the Lankanosphere and available for all of us to see.

You can probably see the problems here. There's youtube footage aplenty of Lankan "personalities" committing fashion crimes that would have Lady Gaga cringing and Jeremy Clarkson looking like the King of mens' fashion. But, most of these personalities aren't bloggers so they're excluded.

Then there are occurrences by the dozen where I've seen a blogger dressed like they're about to go to a Freddie Mercury party and the invitation asked them to dress a bit wildly. But those haven't been photographed or videoed for all to see, or the need for anonymity has to be respected, something I'm a fan of.

A fence?

Yes. I don't want to cause one of them so have to be weary of that, which kind of excludes women from this. I've seen women with make up that looks like it was applied by Ross from Friends, shoes that Ronald McDonald wouldn't wear at Stevie Wonder's birthday party and jeans that have been taken up but not taken in at the same time, so the hang is all wrong. I know that last example is hard to believe but I swear it's true. Yet all these females are exempt. Why? Because, and I'm a brave type so I'll just admit it, I'm scared, it's as simple as that.

Which leaves us with two candidates.

The first one is a much loved blogger, a former friend of mine who'll probably hate me forever more, and then a bit longer. I watched this clip with alarm and that cover my eyes with my hands but peek through the gaps feeling. If you've ever collected a Sri Lankan from Heathrow airport you'll know the look this blogger is going for. The overall look could have been so normal and so relatively okay if it wasn't for the footwear. I can't be sure but I think they might have velcro fastenings.

Yes, our first nominee is our Dinidu, for this foot related fashion disaster.

Our second nominee is a bloke who usually demonstrates more fashion awareness than Jennifer Aniston at Brad and Angelina's wedding. Every time I've seen him he's made me feel as if I'm one of the unknown blokes who gets beamed down with the "names" on a Star Trek episode. But this clip proves that heroes can make fashion errors and gives hope to many. Yes, in with another footwear faux pas it's our Sanjana. I'm afraid I can't embed it in the post so you'll have to click on the link here. Trust me it's worth it. Smart clothes (ish) and then he goes and puts on those slippers. If I was Tracy I'd have walked off the interview in protest.

As usual there can only be one winner, though I can truly say that, in this category everyone's a winner. Yes, the winner is indeed Sanjana. He's won many awards for his courgeous journalistic feats and intellectual prowess but I'm sure this will be his proudest achievement.

I was going to ask Sittingnut to be a guest judge but had a slightly apprehensive feeling about that plan. It could turn out a bit like getting the Pope involved in judging a who makes the best condoms competition. Oh well! Instead I got Mr Sartorial Elegance himself. Yes, Java Jones, who had this to say:

"Shit man....

Sanjana’s footwear? The ones he’s wearing at the interview with Tracy are one of many – he has a whole slew of them, different styles and shit. The thing is that someone told him that he had sexy toes, and being a foot-fetish freak himself, he likes to expose his toes – just to check the reaction of folk like you. Don’t ask me why! Nothing to do with fashion, I'm sure..."

I think Mr Jones, as usual, sums things up nice and succinctly. If nothing else this category proves that these highly brainy fellows sometimes make mistakes. They're so busy thinking about serious things like politics and science, elections and words with lots of syllables, maybe even three, that they forget about footwear.

See you next week, have a fine weekend.



finem said...

Ha ha :P Don't even think of stepping onto paradise isle again :P

Sabby said...

Good one, RD :)

Serendib_Isle said...

RD: Instead of some heavy piece of metal, you should award a nice pair of Converse. Then Sanjana might make it to GQ!

Congrats Sanjana! See, there are people paying attention to your toes.

sittingnut said...

hello don't get me involved in these ass licking awards of yours even by a word.
i have stayed out of these posts bc your love for eating out of bottom holes is none of my concern, so don't try to bring me in and then complain .

btw are all those unconfirmed rumors about dinidu and sanjana true ? can explain the footwear

should i start posting the unconfirmed rumors here ? lol

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Sittingnut - Once again your intellectual prowess has proved too great for me to defeat.

Dinidu - I am seriously scared now. Were they velcro fastenings though?

Sabby - Ta.

SI - We await Sanjana's speech, the Converese are on their way to him.

Sanjana Hattotuwa said...

I blush.

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Sanjana - Well, it's probably not exactly the best winner's speech, but it'll do.

Makuluwo said...

Chee, fashion police? So bourgeois. :P
But can't I make a nomination? Papareboy wears a hideous leather hat that looks like something out of Elton John's 1960s wardrobe. :D

sittingnut said...

as i said don't complain after bringing me in, even by a passing reference. retribution in kind in proportion.

whose bottom will you offer to lick next?

of course some of the recipients of this homage by you are decent (one of the reasons i stayed out of these posts until you made that gratuitous reference.). though not the two here , who are known for their lies .


btw is the unconfirmed rumor (specialty of yours in this blog ) that you literally perform this service to some of your foreign clients true?

sittingnut said...

i reposted my last comment (posted after makuluwo's comment) here bc it is not appearing as of now,even though other comments in other threads (including one of mine) after that time were approved and appear .

hope it was a technical thing.

bc giving right of reply to direct references (in post and in comments ) is the honest and decent thing to do. may be you are not honest or decent?

words i use were used against me by you before, so you cannot have have any objection there .
i always respond never initiate when it comes to words.

sittingnut said...

ha! behold now it appears ! reposted version. original was about 12 hours older

Gypsy said...

Hahahaha R watch it - Sanjana will review your blog and then you'll be in trouble! :P

This made me LOL, yes it did.

Er - and this sittingnut person is weird.

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Sittingnut - I've always published every comment of yours that I've received, as much as I disagree with just about everything you say. If the previous comment didn't appear then it can only be because it never came through, sorry about that, these comment features on blogger are a bit temperamental at times.