Thursday, February 4, 2010

Independence And Irony

Both begin with the same letter.

Is that a mere coincidence?


Serendib_Isle said...

Hah ha ha, fabulous discovery!

sittingnut said...

same letter starts words like integrity too.

same ppl (like rd here ) who laughed at sri lankan efforts to defeat terrorism and never condemned them or their racist supposters even when asked, are now laughing at out independence from terrorists .

same ppl whose livelihood depend on pleasing foreigners now laugh at us for not trying to please foreigners

same ppl who led a bigoted campaign to ban bloggers bc that blogger published public truths now spread lies here and laugh at our freedom.

lol indeed at the shamelessness

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Oh Sittingnut!

I don't think I've ever laughed at Sri Lankan efforts to defeat terrorism, nor did I lead the campaign to ban any bloggers.

I am pointing out what I think is a delicious irony, which is not to do with the pressing of clothes on an ironing board either. It's about Sri Lanka gaining independence 62 years ago from that oppressive regime that was the Brits.

sittingnut said...

where does irony is not ironing reference comes in ? is that before or after your laugh at sl independence?
lol indeed

when i make an accusation i don't lie, (you know that very well given the length i went to confirm that you will not condemn racists who were protesting and attacking sri lankans in london in 2009, same with terrorists ) .

you also did lead the campaign to ban a blogger from kottu. i did not see you correcting some of your friends who supported you then , using that words 'lead' to describe your role in that effort to get a blogger banned even though you acknowledged those posts

dramaqueen said...

Is he this tiresome because he's sitting on his nut?

Must be.

Sin men.

sittingnut said...

typical cocoon response

have you even seen real nuts dramaqueen ? lol