Saturday, February 6, 2010

Who Broke Kottu?

Come on, own up, who was it?

You thought you were big and clever, with your blogstitution, fake clicks and whatever else didn't you?

Now Indi's gone away and left us to it and we're all fumbling around looking for the blogs we used to access so easily.

Nice job, really, well done.


Lady divine said...

you know what the weird part was? I was wondering how the hell I was getting so many hits! makes me wonder whether NB's behind anything..
coz it was weird!! I know so many people don't read me!

oh well, lets wait for a new and better system.

sittingnut said...

this was long predicted given the shoddy construction of kottu with obvious bugs all over the place . surprise was that it took this long. .

i for one long transferred to using google reader to get blog feeds.
others and rd here who are suffering from kottu withdrawal can use for now . it uses the feed from kottu ( but the links work ) plus some more blogs .that site better constructed.

Serendib_Isle said...

I know.



Rhythmic Diaspora said...

LD - As you have the longest blogroll in the universe perhaps everyone taking advantage of it!

Sittingnut - Thanks.

SI - Ok, I'll keep it quiet.

Sabby said...


It was Jerry. He was very proud of it too!