Friday, April 2, 2010

Meeting Bloggers - Part 58 - The Auf

When I started my blog, a few years before the invention of the computer, I never dreamt that I'd make so many good friendships and meet such a lot of nice people through it. It was just a blog, a way of chucking out a few thoughts and words and moaning to the few readers I had about people not being positive.

Now, all these years later, I've met many great and interesting people and made friendships that I hope will last for life at least until the end of the month. And of course I've got to know David Blacker too.

Last week I managed to meet up with Aufidius, not once but twice, another notch on my blogpost so to speak. From now on he shall be known as The Auf, with capitals at the beginning, he commands that much respect does The Auf.

I'd invited the fellow to come along to a screening that was being held by a group I'm involved with and, to my surprise, he said yes. This of course made me nervous. I knew he's relatively young but I get apprehensive, tongue tied and dribble quite a lot whenever I meet my heroes. The Auf, for his photographic skills alone, has become one of a band of chaps I admire.

Truth be told I was expecting him to be a bit of a soap dodger, the type who throws all his pants at the wall each morning and wears the ones that don't stick. Why? No rational reason but more because I knew he was a good friend of Dinidu, the social equivalent of a CV that says you were sacked from your previous job for being crap at it and sleeping with the boss's wife.

He arrived at the function, The Auf that is, not Dinidu, and there was a smell of cleanliness about him. I'd expected a big and expensive camera and a fast lens, maybe even an autofocus one, and a studious looking chap in a brown body. Instead the Auf was a modern and trendy looking chap, a couple of glamorous groupies in tow but with no sign of photographic equipment anywhere.

He's got a cool look going on, not cool in a "fuck me he's trendy for his age" like I have, more of an arty but I might model for Gap if I want thing.

We only had time to chat for a short while but I was impressed. The groupies hung on his every word as one would expect. A few days later I saw him again at another meeting but this time we could talk more. He's got a brain on him this chap and it does seem a bit of a waste that he's chosen architecture as his thing. With that sort of nous I reckon he could have been perhaps a drummer or even a lead guitarist if he really applied himself.

I don't want to sound too fawning but what an absofuckinglutely nice bloke. The only way I can give you a real idea is by telling you that he's such a top fellow that he easily could have been Java's son grandson. To be fair I'm yet to confirm definitively on the pants wearing side, but am sure a helpful blogger and friend of The Auf might fill us in on that one.

That was it. I'd like to give you some juicy gossip about him, a bit of bitchiness, but there was nothing. No sordid details, no fighting and no strange bodily features that made me pretend I wasn't staring when really I was.

His story might be a bit different though.

Happy long weekend all.



java said...

Really RD? was he nice enough to offer you a joint?

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Oh Java, not that nice!

aufidius said...

Haha! Thanks RD.

I am glad I did just enough to conceal the soap dodger side of me when I came to the film screening.

I took every precaution to disguise any diniduesque idiosyncrasy I may have a tendency to expose and sprayed a lot of my cleanliness perfume, quite expensive for my student purse but vut to dooo!

If I had a big and expensive camera and a fast lens I will have no hesitation in showing it off! Truth be told - I don't have one!

Thanks RD, very kind of you.

The Auf has spoken!

Orchids said...

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Dinidu de Alwis said...

Oh you DID NOT!