Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Superman And Mr Strong

As the Americans say, here's the thing.

These T shirts, the ones with the Superman logo on them and the other ones, the ones with a picture of Mr Strong, one of the world famous Mr Men.

Well, about five years ago, for a nanosecond or two, it was vaguely amusing to see a man wearing one.

When I say "vaguely amusing" I mean that, had you or I not heard any good jokes for a while, not seen any unfortunates falling arse over tit in the street and not happened to click on one of those funny links that people put up on Facebook, then we might, just might have chuckled mildly at the sight of one.

These days, any man who thinks that he's being original, clever, witty or in any way smart by wearing one of the offending garments is truly mental.

They are not funny, they are not clever and they are not original. You, if you wear one, just look like a twat.

So don't.

If your wife or girlfriend gave it to you then you should reconsider the long term benefits of being in a relationship with them. If one of your children gave it to you then I guess it's okay to wear around the house a bit, that's it though.

If your name is Clark or your surname is Strong then allowances maybe made.

Carry on.


T said...

I have such similar feelings about men in skinny jeans!

Marc said...

I think jeans are a sensitive topic with RD :o)

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

T - You're harsh! Again.

Marc - Ditto!