Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Two Types Of Running

I've been working hard at a few things lately. I quite like hard work and am one of those fellows who believes that it's an essential ingredient in the recipe of life and success. My life, with its considerable periods of solitude, is one of those lives that is conducive to putting in some hard work to various avenues at times. Which is nice, sort of.

I told you about my gym joining thing a little while ago and, if you're a regular in these parts, you'll probably know that I play the drums. Well the gym has become a regular feature of my week and drumming still is. And it was while running, or multi exercising or cross training on the cycly whirly half running half cycling thing, to give it its full name, that I pondered on the way I run in life.

You see I've figured out that when I go to the gym twice a week or less it's the same as when I practice the drums less, which is the same as when do anything I like less. Which is to say that the effort, when things become less frequent, all goes into keeping me standing still.

I used to think that any drum practice I did was moving me forwards in the direction of being a better player. Well RD, life isn't like that.

The waters of life are moving continually backwards and, in order to just stay in the same position, we have to do some swimming. I know that this talk of running in reality, running as a metaphor and swimming could get highly confusing. Well, it would to me, but you're probably smarter.

The plus side to all of this is that it's when I go to the gym three or more times a week, when I manage to practice drumming a good few times a week, as I'm doing now, that's I really feel and notice that I'm progressing and advancing. And then the practice and the gym going become a little addictive and infectious.

When frequencies are less and I'm running to stand still it feels flat and boring. When you push yourself that bit more and start running to move, that's when it's cool and satisfying.

Just thought I'd share that thought with you. Sorry if it doesn't make sense, I was in a bit of a rush to get the thoughts in my head out, you know how it happens.


Marc said...

I find that one of the frustrating things with gym workouts, any sort of break (holidays, sickness, work commitments) always sets you back. It feels like you go backwards much faster than you make progress :o(

Anonymous said...

It's an interesting post. And something that used to depress me. That you have you exercise harder just to maintain your fitness, it felt like a unreachable goal at some point in the distance.

Anyway this post made me realise that well relationships are also like exercise and drumming. That if you dont work hardER at them, the longer they last, you do go backwards.

Pretty bloody tiring if you ask me - all this hard work.

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Marc - But also satisfying when you do manage to keep it going!

Anon - Yes, and I suppose it's important to recognise the effort each person is putting in.