Friday, February 14, 2014

Hair Tomorrow, Gone Today...

Yes I'm vain. As are all my family to be honest. Anyone who know us knows it would be futile for me to even attempt to deny the charge.

And I've been battling my own mind on this for a while, but I've finally admitted it to myself; I'm bothered about baldness.

For the last few years I've had a decreasing amount of hair. Or an increasing amount of lack of hair.

It doesn't make rational sense. My rational mind knows that a forty eight year old bloke going a bit bald on top is no big deal, that hard heroic fellows like Bruce Willis, Jason Statham and David Blacker are responsible for making it look good and trendy.

My all encompassing and clever rational mind even knows that it's not that aggressive for me, that it's been a slow decline over the last seven or even more years and it's unlikely I'm going to wake up next Tuesday with an overnight total loss of hair.

But my emotional mind, the one that just feels things without having a need to justify them and back them up with logic and reason, thinks differently. It's bothered.

That mind feels that it would like a nice full head of hair, even if I then decide to wear it shaved. At least I'd be able to choose to grow some flowing locks. It would like to be able to use some hair product again, perhaps a comb, a brush or run my fingers through it.

My brothers and even my Dad, at eighty, have a full head of hair. Don't tell them but I do feel a bit jealous.

There's no baldness in my family at all on either side so I'm a bit pissed off with that. Maybe it's because I got the looks and intelligence and it's nature's way of evening things out, I'm not sure.

But I'm not just moaning and telling you some woes. I've decided to investigate a hair transplant. Seriously.

I've got an appointment booked for a "consultation" with one of these clinics in a couple of weeks' time.

I know that a "consultation" will more than likely be them trying to sell to me, but I'm sure I'll look into it in some detail before I make my decision.

Cost is of course a major factor, as is the potential outcome and even whether it's feasible for me at all.

I've decided on full disclosure, hence this post. I'm going to tell anyone and everyone who matters, though not to the point of boring you silly (I hope).

I just don't want to be one of those chaps who has a couple of days off sick, or a brief holiday, then arrives back with a previously undiscovered full head of hair, causing everyone to whisper and laugh.

Oh no. If I do it then I'll blog, tell people and be quite open about it.

Watch this bald patch.

PS - Happy Valentine's day to you


Marc said...

a 38 year old friend of mine finally took the plunge and shaved his head recently after years of wearing a toupée.
Not only were the haircuts and hair pieces costing upwards of $3,000 a year it was also uncomfortable, painful (on removal) and itchy in tropical climates.
After considering hair transplants and weighing up the cost/pain vs. vanity factor he took the easier balder route.
I should also probably mention this bloke is one of those types what always wears the latest t-shirts, has an extensive collection of jeans and uses facial 'products', so as you can imagine the shaving decision was not taken lightly.
I'm waiting to hear what you decide...

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

I've never been so bothered that I've tried to cover it up Marc, I'm pleased to say. I'll keep you posted, the decision is still in my "pending" box at the moment.

java Jones said...

Hey RD - This is getting to be a pain - 3rd time I'm trying to comment!

I just wanted to say that it may be a good idea to get yourself a merkin for your head!!