Thursday, February 6, 2014

Hey There.

Cerno put up a post, you know the way he creeps in quietly like a stealth blogger. And then fuck me if Java only goes and notches one up on the bedpost too. Well I'm not going quietly, so felt a need to add to the collection of old bloggers who rarely post these days but have written one recently. And don't do punctuation very well,

It's some months since I was last in the Motherland. C's now semi permanently in Singapore so most of my sojourns are currently to Singapore. I miss Sri Lanka though, with its laws of the jungle, devastating physical beauty and friends who I feel so, er, friendly with.

I got back to London on Tuesday from Singapore and it really does seem as if I've gone from one extreme to the other. Singapore is currently a booming country, positively brimming with economic vibrancy. Its problems are largely to do with how people can invest, how its growth will be managed in years to come, with a few issues about the lower classes and increasing gap in classes also.

But I flew from Singapore's climatic and financial vibrancy back to London's crap weather, a tube strike causing large scale chaos across the city and an economy that is pretty much on its knees, albeit arguably getting up onto its feet.

My cab journey from Heathrow to my apartment was interrupted by a phone call from my Mum, to tell me that it looks as if the dreaded Cancer has raised its ugly head again with my Dad. Turns out it seems to be so and he's started six months more of chemo from today.

Things like this lead one to thoughts of life, death, immortality and mortality, You know; about trying to get the most out of every day, doing that whole dance like no one's watching you thing.

I've invested a fair chunk of time in the last year or so trying to learn more about the workings of the mind and really feel as though I'm swimming through new depths of knowledge and discovery. It's amazing how one can steam through forty five ish years and then learn new things and realise that they make all the difference.

A, the eldest child, is at Uni these days, studying drama. I think the first time you met her she was about twelve and you were probably at University (not you Java!). K will be hitting Uni next year. All of a sudden I'm the Dad of two girls who are no longer kids. It's weird I tell you.

One of the things I've discovered about long distance relationships is that I can wear pants a long time before having to change them. I mean pants here, as in underpants, not the American trouser situation, and I mean I can wear them for a long time when I'm not with C. When I'm with her I almost always bung on a fresh pair every day.

But it's a much under publicised benefit of the long distance thing. I'm not in any danger of attracting the attention of any 'admirers' through a combination of my status and looks and I just have to keep an eye on skid marks.

Just thought I'd let you know that, a kind of public information announcement. I like to serve you know.


Marc said...

welcome back, missed the posts. Hopefully you can get back to the motherland before too long..

Marc said...

sorry to hear about your dad too. Ageing parentals certainly put our own mortality into perspective..

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Thanks very much Marc.

Java Jones said...

Hey RD - what you need is a merkin for the head!!

Otherwise, shine on the baldness man, a lot of chicks find it very sexy!!

Haven't been checking your blog out (or any others, for that matter) recently. Kottu is so boring these days.... But will keep a tab on you since it looks like you have got back in the groove. Keep on keepin' on bro!