Sunday, April 30, 2006

I can see!

Just about!

This is the first day since my op that my eyesight has been good enough to read the text on the monitor. Even now it's all a blur.

I was told to expect really blurry and unconfortable eyes for the first few days and they were right. The only things I have done are to listen to some good music and sleep a lot.

I have got about 6000 songs on my iPod and, as I couldn't even read the display, I put it on "shuffle songs" and took pot luck. The very first song was "You're the one that I want" covered by the Beautiful South and that was followed by "Been a son" live by Nirvana. It was a challenge to try and work out the artist, let alone the title, of each song. I have rediscovered some old gems that I had neglected for far too long.

Chris Difford and Glen Tilbrook are two of the greatest songwriters of all time. If you don't know of them, look them up. You'll be pleased.

So I get to do a lot of drum practice, listen to lots of music and wear Ray Ban Aviators 24 hours a day. It doesn't get much better!


Venus-Metamorphosed said...

I hope ur eyes recover fully soon.A blurry world is a very unnerving place (I should know, I've lost my glasses/contacts more times than I care to remember)

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Happy 23rd birthday!

Thanks for reading

drac said...

I've been waiting for that moment when I felt confident enough in lasik surgery to go for it myself.

Not yet, though. I'm still too worried about the consequences of a botched op - and I can safely say I have too much to lose to go for it right now.

Your experience has told me my day for surgery isn't too far away though, so thanks for sharing :) I hope you'll be able to read this comment with perfect 20/20 vision! :D

also, I _love_ the Beautiful South.