Monday, April 24, 2006

Sunday night and all is quiet

I'm getting mentally prepared for my week, which will be an unusual one. I only have two days at work and then will be having my eyes lasered on Wednesday, so won't be at work for the rest of the week. It means that I will have two very busy days of work, getting ready to be away is always a bit frantic and this will be worse than normal as I don't know exactly how long it will be for.

The strange thing is that I have been wondering what I am going to do. I have been told that I will need to rest my eyes for a couple of days after the op, so that means no TV or reading and I assume no computer use. Ironic that I must have about 10 books i'd love to read and just haven't got around to yet. All I can imagine that i'll do is listen to music and sleep. I am not sure if i'll even be in the mood for music, which will be a first for me. It's a nice thought, that of a couple of days rest but I reckon i'll be bored quickly.

I am getting so excited at the prospect of having perfect vision. This morning I lay in bed trying to imagine what it will be like to wake up, open my eyes and see perfectly. I hope to find out soon enough.


S said...

Best of luck with the operation, Sir - if I were you, I'd compile a soundtrack and menu plan for my recovery. You might as well make the most of your favourite senses whilst you're at it ;)

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Thanks a lot. Someone told me this morning that i'd "never look back". I thought that would be an unfortunate result, eyes facing the wrong way!

Thanks for reading