Monday, May 21, 2007

How Many Can You Keep on The Go?


I was talking to a fellow the other day who only ever reads one book at a time. He only starts the next book once he has completed the current one. So, if said fellow is reading a crap book, he won't put it back on the shelf until it has been finished and he can move onwards and upwards. It could even be a reflection of the chap's character, but I'm not sure on that bit.

Me? I tend to have several books on the go at any one time, but right now I'm at some sort of peak in my reading career. There's about five non fiction works, two works of fiction (neither of which I'm keen on) and there's a backlog of about seven drum magazines that still need to be read.

On top of that there's also maybe ten books that I've bought but haven't even started. It's quite the mini literary festival round Rhythmic's place these days. Well, sort of.

The thing is, once a backlog begins, it just keeps going. I need to take some time off, go to a tropical island and sit around and read for a while.

It's a plan, just not a good one. I'll do the tropical island bit but I've no intention of sitting around and reading for the whole time.

What to do?


Darwin said...

I'm like your friend. One at a time. Usually not a problem as I can't spread a book out over days/weeks anyway, I NEED to finish it off asap. Example: I read the whole LOTR trilogy in just one weekend.

N said...

I have around 3 running at the same time...can't read a serious book by itself...need some light fiction to break it up...also need one for the loo