Thursday, May 10, 2007

What Would You Rescue?

Here's the scenario. Your house is on fire and you can rescue three things. For argument's sake let's forget people for now and assume that most sane people would rescue their loved ones above all else.

What three things would you rescue?

I would grab one special snare drum, my Craviotto Lake Superior, number 37 of 100, I'd grab my cymbal bag, hoping that all my cymbals were inside it and I'd get hold of my laptop.

The snare drum and cymbals are irreplaceable, no question about it. Cymbals all have their own unique sound and feel and, unlike drums, aren't tuneable, so every one is effectively a one off. My laptop is wholly replaceable but its contents are what I'd want to keep.

So, what about you?

What would you rescue?


Sam said...

1) Notebook
2) Passport
3) Wallet (I have an extra car key in there. If not I must grab my car keys too as the fourth one)

N said...

laptop, a first edition Gerald Durrell I treasure and photoback up CD's...maybe the pooch if I could fit him...

L said...

Easy quesion.
Being Tamil, Im a veteran at this:

Passport, Birth Certificate (especially if its Sri Lankan, it will be almost impossible to replace considering the bureaucracy and redtape you will have to cut through to get another one), degree certificates, drivers licence, bank cards, Citizenship papers if you live in a new country. Any family photographs we can grab. sum up my identity.

Then I know I have to run for my life.

L said...

I put more than 3 things above. But I can cheat and say,

1. my brief case with all those certificates in it. :-)

2. Wallet

3. Mobile phone

Anonymous said...

Hey Rhythmic

If its your house I will definitely grab you first...hahahah

BTW do you still have your sarong problem esp when u sleep in the night??? My offer is still open lol

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

I said - That's a sad reminder of reality in Sri Lanka isn't it?

Anon - Yes, sarong problem is ongoing. I'm touched by your offer!

Indyana said...

Passport,cash,mobile and finally my
Bags of old pix

Lady divine said...

Aiyooo..only 3 things?

1) All documents like certificates, passport etc...(which is all neatly in one place)

2) Jewellery


Anonymous said...

god everyone is so organised (boring) grabbing certificates and passports..

i would grab my laptop

gerald my hamster

and my rabbit.. batteries not included

sarong obsessed girl, how many times do i have to tell you the drummer is mine...

Ami said...

~~My family & myself
~Children's photos/childhood photos
~Old letters from my late father

Everything else is replaceable.
Hard & difficult to replace?-yes.

Anonymous said...

Well as a fellow guy with the "sarong problem".

First thing I would grab is my sarong. just imagine outside the burning house in your birthday suit.