Monday, July 16, 2007

Monday, Monday, all is exciting.

This week I am mostly excited about:

1. Practicing drums - I've got my practice kit back. I've got ideas coming out of my little ideas hole and more creativity than a real musician, one what writes songs and things. With no gigs for either band until September this means I can get some good quality practice done, I can work on some new fills and generally practice stuff that I've let slip for the last few months. Cool.

2. Lakbimagate stuff - Their site has been down. Has he done it again? Did he get permission from the writers or is it a false alarm anyway? Was I wrong to give Rajpal the benefit of the doubt. By then end of the week I have a feeling I'll know.

3. Summertime - We're not big on it here in England but it looks like it might be here. I swear I saw the sun yesterday, it was hiding behind a cloud but it looks like it may just come out to play.

4. Colombo - There's just something about her.

5. New ways of thinking - I've learnt some very powerful tips in recent months, about thinking and attitude, feelings and the mind. Generally very deep things that I never really thought would interest me. They have and I've been applying and using many of them. Some are crap, some are great. The great ones are lifechangingly great.

That's about it. There's a lot to be going on with.


Theena said...

Looks like he is trying to spite as many people as possible. said...

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n said...

How can u be so upbeat on a Monday!? Please tell me ur secret...tis Tuesday and I'm still lazy as fuck..

Java Jones said...

Hey N - it's got to be all that excitement at the office. Remember the guy who smells and the fat broad?

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

N, Java - You know me, just excited about life in general!!