Sunday, July 1, 2007

Lazy Sunday Afternoon.

I had a lie in!

The first for bloody ages, I slept until almost midday. The last couple of hours' sleep were of the semi conscious variety, lots of opening eyes, looking at clocks, then falling back to sleep because I had no deadline to wake up for. It was nice and pleasant, only marred by a strange dream I had involving a car crash with a woman who later turned out to be Ricky from Eastenders.

Then I got up, mooched around, started to write a blog post about the birthday party thing for the eleven year old yesterday, then abandoned it. I sometimes wonder whether these posts will be of interest to anyone, then figure that it doesn't bother me anyway, then go through all sorts of mental turmoil. I've got at least twenty posts virtually written and completed that I haven't published yet, maybe I will, maybe I won't.

Why do I pine for Sri Lanka and Colombo sometimes. I had a quick glance through my favourite blogs and saw Ravana's post on living in his own place noe and how he may nip round to his parents' place for a crab curry lunch. Sorry Ravana, I would normally have chucked a link in here but I'm typing this on my MacBook and it doesn't make linking easy, or Safari and blogger don't anyway. Either way I was hoping you'd let me join you for crab curry if you're going. Or if anyone can tell me how to easily add links in while using safari and blogger I'd be most grateful.

Then I listened to some Mimosa. We've got a gig on Tuesday so I had a quick listen to the set. It's a nice thing to finally be able to listen to our own songs in their entirety. After two years' of being together it was only after the recent gig when we got hold of a decent live recording, which was of all our songs. It's fascinating for me as I can listen to my drum parts with a critical ear. I'm finally going to be able to come up with some improvements to the parts I have been playing for so long. It's almost impossible to use a rehearsal, when there are six or seven others there, as a platform to come up with a new fill or a new sounding groove for a certain element of a song. As we don't have the chance to rehearse more than once a week time is quite a scarce resource for us. Now I've got the songs on CD and can sit at home on my electronic kit and invent away to my heart's content.

I learned a valuable little lesson at last week's gig too. I had already been doing some listening and had changed one fill in one song ever so slightly. When we came to play it and I used my new fill the effect on the guitarist was as if I had smacked him over the head with my willy. Not that I know how he would react to that, but I can guess. It's only a one beat fill, to lead into a verse, but he was very startled by a tiny change in the feel of something I have been playing the same way for a couple of years. So much so that he gave me the stare he reserves for drummers who make a dreadful mistake, a stare I have become quite fond of.

Afterwards I told him about my plan of listening to the stuff and making a few subtle changes and he was all for it, just had been shocked when he heard one of these for the first time in a gig.

That's it for now. I'll continue to enjoy my mooching Sunday, wishing I was going to the Galle Face to watch the sunset in a while.

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ravana said...

Actually, there was no crab curry, but there was tuna curry, with beans and dhal, and brinjal moju, and hal massas and fried chillies. It was a fairly good lunch. The crab has got less regular since my father's attack of unstable angina last year.