Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Island Disc Desert.

I got tagged by Childof25 and have been given the esteemed duty of naming the five discs I'd take on a desert island with me.

It's a nice little Sri Lankanism the way that dessert and desert are pronounced exactly the same but, just in case you're wondering, a desert island is one that has got some sand, a bit of forest and greenery and lots of beautiful women on it. A dessert island is a huge mound of chocolate biscuit pudding in the middle of nowhere, or perhaps a bowl of wattalapam that has been left in the wilderness, maybe even with a dash of cinammon on it.

I've changed the rules, not that there were any big rules but I have. And instead of choosing five albums I've gone for five songs. For me a song is a piece of art, it can be good or it can be bad art but it's art, from Abba to Zwan and everything in between.

I thought about albums and the only conclusion I could come to was that I'd take five Coldplay albums. I don't know if they've made that many but I'd take them just to smash the miserable crap to smithereens, then I could make a fire out of them if I had some matches. Or a lighter.

But I couldn't choose five albums I'd want to take, I can think of albums I love but I can't come up with a single one that I think is perfect, one on which I love every individual song. So, my dear readers, I've changed the list and decided on the five songs I'd take. Here they are, and why:

1. King Curtis - Memphis Soul Stew (live) - This is, in my humble opinion, the most funky drum introduction ever played. It's played by Bernard Purdie, my all time favourite drummer, a chap whose character shines through in his playing and who brings a funkiness to everything he touches. When the band is introduced and Mr Purdie comes in, it is funk drumming personified. I feel as if I would never ever be worthy to even carry his sticks. Java, Theena check it out please.

2. Muse - Starlight - This reminds me of Wembley stadium, of the girls, of Tarquin and of Colombo. It's a big in your face stadium song, it makes me smile, it energises me and it makes me think of the people I love. It makes me smile and it makes me happy.

3. Up the Junction - Squeeze - Glenn Tilbrook and Chris Difford are two of the most underrated song writers of all time, they never got the acclaim that I think they deserve, or deserved. This song has got the lot. Lyrics to make you laugh and cry, a chorus you'll sing along to and brilliant musicianship never over played. When I started to play the drums one of my targets was to be able to play the quick bass drum doubles played by Gilson Lavis in the outro of this song. It's taken me ten years and I still struggle.

4. Learn to Fly - Foo Fighters - In MLC, the best covers band I have ever played in, we did this song. Every time we played it I felt as if I'd arrived. It's a song with either Dave Grohl or Taylor Hawkins playing, no one seems to be sure, but they're two of my favourite drummers anyway so it's a win win, or a drum drum. It's pure energy, pure all out balls against the wall rocking out and I like.

5. Slave 4U - Britney Spears - Don't worry boys, I'd listen to the song now and again but I'd actually make sure that I took it on DVD. Whenever anyone asks me why I think she's sexy I just point them to that video and they understand.

That's it from me. I tag the following, all of whom love their music:

Java Jones - I think there'll be some interesting stuff here.

Theena - I might be able to guess the artists already.

Naz Sansoni - Go on Naz, please respond!

Julesonline - There could be Coldplay ahead!

Confab - Mmmm...I wonder.

Over and out, but I reserve my right to change my mind about the songs tomorrow.


poojitha said...

Plus lot of batteries

confab said...

oh wow!...this is gonna be fun, albeit challenging!
now that 7 things abt my self thing, i'm sorry i didnt do it, it was a wee lame...but now this music one? i'm gonna struggle...and i musnt struggle over this at office where i dont have access to my music...so i'm gonna wait till i get home, ponder over it, and then struggle some more...if u can change the rules, so can i...so u might see something new...thanks for the tag though!certainly gonna be interesting.

Theena said...

Done :)

naz said...

it's been a long time, rhythmic.
impossible task this 5 island desert records.um discs.

will endeavour to answer it one day...