Tuesday, August 21, 2007

OCDs - Everyone's Got One These Days

In the last few years I've noticed a trend that makes me feel uneasy, a bit left out too. It's the fact that just about every fucker I know wants to and claims to have an OCD, an obsessive compulsive disorder.

Back in the days when I was a mere youngster OCDs were unheard of, like mobile phones, laptops and eating disorders. MTV wasn't even around, can you imagine that? A life before MTV, it did exist you know.

But nowadays OCDs are all the rage. People want to add to their self esteem by stating that they have an illness rather than they just feel slightly strongly about something. It's not good enough to say that you like to wear black trainers with blue jeans, it's an OCD. It's unfeasible to merely say that you don't fancy the thought of being stuck in a lift, it has to be classed as "mildly arachnaphobic". If you like to drive fast then it's no longer a like or a hobby, or even an hobby, it's an OCD.

Labels are us. Where's it going to end. If someone gets up every morning are they going to be OCD about waking up?

It really does seem that it's us who want to be called OCD, we love it don't we. Well I don't at all, but so many people do, so many take great pride in telling all and sundry about their obsessive compulsions. I've got a chap at work who collects model cars. Fine, not my thing but many people do it and good luck to them. But said chap boasts that he is OCD about collecting cars, just because he actually collects cars. I actually do think he's a bit of a fruitcake, but that's not because of his whole car collecting thing.

Frankly if I had an illness, like a mad compulsion to write about myself for a load of strangers to see or something, the last thing I'd do is to boast about. I'd keep it quiet, go see a shrink and get myself sorted.

These things bother me. In fact I'm getting quite obsessed by it.

PS - I know what arachnaphobia is.


Gobblezygook said...

Fine post that was ! Surely having a psychological disease these days is more of a trend, the fact being, though it starts as a trend the individual eventually becomes what he thinks he is that it turns out to be an uncontrollable mania or an actual disease which requires psychotherapy

Same with depression, BDSM and all other addictions.

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

gobblezygook - you raise an interesting point, self fulfilling prophecy which makes the trend become a real illness. My gripe is with the people I come across so often who have never been near a professional but have decided that they have an OCD because they saw it on Oprah.