Tuesday, August 7, 2007

London, Lanka and drums.

Here I am, back at my desk in sunny London after nine days in glorious Lanka. London is sunny too, which makes a pleasant change.

I had the best time ever in Sri Lanka. There are no highlights to the nine days, each day was a highlight, which probably negates the whole highlight principle, but I care not. There are photographs to be put up on my flickr account and there' s an abundance of witty, sharp and observant posts I'll attempt to write about everything I saw and all I experienced.

You'll hear about Java's frog fetish, the French blonde who tried to straddle me, the photo that Darwin took of me when neither of us realised we were standing about four feet from each other. I'll probably mention how I got annoyed with the English couple just behind me on the plane as I headed out there, the way that they thought they were experts on Sri Lanka and procceded to tell give tips to people around them.

I'll tell you a bit about Galle, which I had a brief look around, I might even jot down a paragraph or two about Sri Lankan feet, one of favourite subjects. You can bet your bottom dollar that I'll talk about Confab and the Rockapollooza (or whatever the name is) thing that I went to and I'm sure to tell you about the fun and joy I got from watching Shiraaz Nooramith playing drums at Barefoot on Sunday.

That was all a taster, so if you want to read about politics, in depth analyses about the latest trends in leather goods or cricket stuff then you better read a different blog. I'll start writing stuff as soon as I've opened the backlog of emails offering me viagra and opportunities in strange countries.

In the meantime I'll do a lot of pining for Colombo and try to remember a load of songs for tonight's jetlagged band practice.


adam said...

i can't wait to read your upcoming blogs, then!

Indyana said...

Sounds like there are a lot of good posts coming up...