Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Who Said Men Can't Multi Task?

I walked into the toilet at work the other day and saw Marc, one of the guys, standing at the urinal doing a pee. Nothing unusual there.

What impressed me was this; he was on his mobile, with the handset cradled between his head and shoulder, in that hands free mode from before handsfree was invented.

He was also leaning back and, over his right shoulder, he had his hand underneath a running tap and was washing it. He was doing all of this whilst peeing.

It's taking toilet hygiene to a strange place, washing your hands before you finish to save time. I had to give him my respect. A chap who can hold his willy and pee, talk on a phone and wash his hands at the same time. It makes me proud to be a man.

There aren't many women that could do that.

I could almost have shaken his hand, except the whole concept of hand washing before finishing the job was a bit off putting.

And just for the benefit of women who may read this; it's true, us blokes don't look at the size of each other's manhoods when we are in a urinal. It's just not done, any man will tell you that, apart from George Michael of course.


Lady divine said...

wow... men can multi-task.. hmmm..
I can almost picture it now.. but drinking water off a toilet tap.. damn.. hygiene is quesionable alright..

but sounds impressive too...

Lady divine said...

pls ignore the other comment.. i wrote something wrong..

what i meant to say was that hygiene sure is questionable here.. and like you said, he actually washed his hands before finishing what he started.. sure sounds weird..

i could picture it all.. and yep, i too heard that men never compare the sizes of their willies.. unless they're gay..

Anonymous said...

ha ha good one mate. It reminds me of that joke about "welcome to jamaica maan , .....".

"Not many women can do it" hahahahaha

Goddess of Abundance said...

i have to agree with lady divine.. why would he wash his hands BEFORE completing the task.. ugh!