Sunday, November 18, 2007


I'm a bit worried about me. I think I'm developing a shoe fetish, not a pervy sexual type of fetish, more like one of those normal ones that people have, like a compulsion to eat lots of rice or to smear mashed banana all over my willy, you know, everyday stuff.

Lately I've been buying lots of shoes, always in even numbers I've noticed too. I know that lots of women do this, that Marcos woman is probably to blame, but I don't think it's a very "manly" thing to do. I certainly wouldn't admit to it, or tell lots of people by way of writing about it or something.

For many years I've thought that there's not much sexier than a good looking woman wearing jeans and a nice pair of brown leather boots. Apart from the same woman not wearing the jeans or boots I guess, though many find clothing sexier than pure nakedness. Perverts, they can't be normal.

In Sri Lanka, for obvious climatic reasons I don't often see women in boots but, here in the UK, particularly at this time of year, there are boots everywhere. And I reckon just about every woman over a certain age owns at least one pair of FMBs, or just in case you don't know what that is, Fuck Me Boots. They can be any colour, they can be almost any style but are almost always leather. They can be high heeled, low heeled or anything in between, but they always have a strange effect on us men. They turn dodgy looking women into stunners that we all want to do very rude things to, although beer can do the same and costs far less.

They can make a beautiful and already sexy woman into an embodiment of perfection. I once saw a scene in "Friends" with Jennifer A in brown leather boots and couldn't walk properly for a few days afterwards.

But ladies, please tell me what the reverse situation is, or feel free to answer if you're a gay man too, I don't like to discriminate around here.

Can men have FMBs?

Do you ever see a man wearing a pair of boots and think that he looks downright sexy just because of the boots?


yellow suddi said...

hahaha, funny 'cause I was just thinking about the same thing a few weeks ago when my male friend commented on my boots...and the second time he said something, I said "you have a thing for boots, don't you?"

anyway, check this out:

So, male UGGs do not appear to be FMB for men.

I'm not sure if there are any FMB/FMS (shoes) for men...

I think the FMx has to be a classic piece ... boots for women are pretty classic (i think) whereas it's not for men (i don't think)... so if you want to find a FMx piece, it has to be something else... maybe a nice v-neck sweater. I think men always look good wearing that

crystal flame said...

an argyl sweater with a white shirt underneath could be a piece of FMx.. ;)

agree on the boots.. love 'em!

Darwin said...

I have two pairs of boots, I think one of them qualifies as a FMB, if the 'reaction' to them is anything to go by :). FMBs can look rather classy depending on the rest of the outfit (and the boots themselves), or extremely trashy, say on a typical chav.

I don't think Uggs fall under FMBs, they're just too casual for that (despite costing ~£100!). I also don't think I'd go for a guy just because of his boots. Cologne maybe but not boots!

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Mmmm...very interesting. I agree about the UGGS, I thik they're just too casual to look like FMBs, besides my daughters wear them!

FMXs, that's an interesting conept for men to have. Maybe a good white shirt is the best one.

S said...

FMBoots for males don't exist - I actually can't think of male footwear that does excite.

I do have a thing for men who can pull off a sarong though ;)