Friday, November 16, 2007

Here's Wot I Played

I had a spectacularly enjoyable gig with the covers band last night. It was a charity bash and we were the only band on the bill. Always nice!

The set was all out rocky stuff and I hope I never tire of the fun and adrenelain rush I get from seeing a crowd dance to the movement of my right foot. If they knew that it had cramp towards the end they may have been a bit more wary about the dance moves they were attempting.

One set, no breaks other than the ones between songs and those bits where someone made a mistake and all went quiet. It's a long time since I've done a gig that tested my fitness, it used to be a regular occurence with MLC, my favourite covers band, but now my technique has got much better and funking out with Mimosa isn't as strenuous as balls out rock. So, by the end of last night's set, I was ready to drop.

Here it is:

You're all I have
Do You Want to?
Last Nite
Golden Touch
Suffragette City
Take Me Out
Molly's Chambers
You Get What You Give
Town Called Malice
I predict a Riot
When You Were Young
Holiday (Green Day)
Chelsea Dagger
She Sells Sanctuary
Times Like These

Play That Funky Music
Brown Sugar
Rock 'n' Roll Star

My personal fave - Times Like These, Damn, It was fun.


SpectralCentroid said...

Times Like These, Creep (assuming by radiohead) and Rock 'n' Roll Star? Woo hoo

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

SC - Yes, you're right. A very rocking and energetic night!