Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Joan, Wife of Noah.

I don't like to rant but occasionally I feel the need to.

You know there's one big personality type that I've always found it hard to deal with; the martyr.

That very specific type of person who usually works quite hard, but talks about it, goes on and on about it and makes sure everyone that even comes within spitting distance knows about their hard work and dedication.

One of the women at work broke her elbow the other day, on her predominant arm, if that's the term. So it really is a handicap, both for her and for us, and I and most others are genuinely sympathetic towards her.

Aah but she fucking well goes on and on about it, and I say that with a huge sigh in my voice, as you may have read. It's as if she's the first person in the world to break an arm, or elbow (I'm unsure if it's the same thing). For the last couple of days all around her have been bombarded with talk of how it happened, how she might be in tomorrow or might not, or might come in for a few hours "depending on how it feels".

It's all presented with an air of martyrdom and a "what a great big hero am I" attitude and I find my sympathy running out quicker than the only rice and curry option on a Sri Lankan Airlines flight. I so prefer to see people just knuckle down, crack on and get on with stuff quietly. If you're going to be a hero and work through an illness or something then please just do it quietly and I promise I'll notice.

What is it with these people?


Bea said...

people martyring on are so irritating...but then I'm not sure that I don't do it myself.

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Bea - I think we've all got a bit of that martyr personality within us at times, but it's the people who appear as a martyr all or most of the time that I have big problems with.