Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Travelator Issues

So I've just returned from a small trip, one which involved some airports. I've got a squillion posts to write about the many thoughts I've developed about Singapore, where I was, but I feel that I should start with this. It's about those travelator things, the escalators without a slope, the ones that just go in a straight line and seem to be only in airports.

Does anyone else find them awkward, or is it just me?

They're quite easy to get on, walking along them is a bit of a joy, what with the strangely satisfying sensation of the bouncy rubber and that "walking on the moon" feeling, but I'm not sure about the getting off side of things.

As I approach the end of one I find my mind deliberating about what to do, or when to do it. At what point should I stop walking and get ready to dismount. As the dangerous crunching metal teeth approach me I wonder if I should take another few steps but risk my expensive trainers getting caught in the metal, or whether I should slow down to a halt to the displeasure of the people behind me, but ensuring the safety of my Converse.

For an adult, a drummer no less, one would think I'd have no such issues with my timing, but I do. These things bother me.

What to do?


Darwin said...

The timing is tricky, I'll admit. I tend to do an awkward jump off at the last moment. Sometimes if I'm feeling particularly fit I'll opt for the stairs rather than the escalator over here. What can I say, I like walking:)

T said...

i tend to walk briskly along them, pretending im very important and in a hurry. and if little children are in my way, i shoo them aside. and then i do a perfectly timed elegant step-off at the end. its all in the timing. airports allow for such little pleasures.

oh, and when in doubt, safety of Converse trumps displeasure of people. every time.

Confab said...

getting off them is always an issue, more so when ur pulling a trolley full of luggage...

as soon as i step on to stationary ground i get a feeling of light-headedness (or light-feetedness even)...it's a strange feeling. only inducible by those walkalators