Saturday, May 10, 2008

Lately In The Sri Lankan Blogosphere...

Things have been a bit quiet out there lately. Why is this? Maybe there's been an abundance of Poya days and public holidays in Lanka. Perhaps it's the end of year and all of you student types are busy doing exams and cramming. I don't know. But it has been evident and I'm disappointed about it.

But, through the scarcity and the lack of good chunky and interesting posts there shineth some gems, some interesting titbits and some juicy gossip, some poetic pieces and some alliterative altercations.

On my ventures into blogging pastures new I came across a new gem of a Sri Lankan blog. It's called Lost Landscape and you can find it by clicking on the title, a few words ago. His first post caught my attention, in all honesty because my blog was referenced in it, but when I read it I was instantly captivated. Here's a young Tamil chap who appears to be willing to put his balls on the line, a phrase I use with some trepidation as he's also openly gay. Accusations of cheap attempts at humour using innuendo could fly at me quicker than warrior bees attacking German tourists at Sigiriya after they've thrown sticks at the hives.

But his writing is informed, even if you disagree with his opinions. His language is rather musical, not like mine may be when I talk about drums and stuff either. There's a lilt and a poeticness to his words that literally excites me as I read them. And that comes from a chap who's just used the word "poeticness", which I suspect doesn't even exist. I urge you to check it out.

The Right Honourable Lord Cerno continues to enthral and excite us. His interesting post on illegal street racing in Colombo has attracted a lot of attention and comments. The videos he has attached are a bit uneventful though, they just look like everyday street driving in CMB to me, albeit a tad slower and safer than some things we've all seen. For some really dangerous Colombo street stuff have a look at this.

While we're on the subject of the blogger formerly known as the 1 truecoolguy let's touch on what he's been up. Mostly going to lesbian weddings, wishing for a Kazakhstani bride and introducing the happy couple to lethal cocktails. Read all about it here. I'm full of admiration and envy. I've never been to a lesbian wedding before, in fact I'm not even sure where Lesbia is. I think it's somewhere in North Africa.

Up in the towers of academia our favourite domestic goddess has been suprising her readership. First there were recipes and then there came this post. If it was an episode of Friends it would be called "The one with the flower pictures". Darwin's definitely a girl and occasionally she can't help but reveal her feminine side!

The Gutterflower has made it into the realms of stardom and the higher eschelons of the SL blogosphere. Yes, I added her blog into my links. It will bring her at least two extra views every month and I'm sure she now feels as if her life is complete. I agree with most who suggested I add her blog to my links. She's one of these fellows who can write, one who bungs words onto a screen via a keyboard and, when you read the words, you experience certain emotions and feelings.

Scandal and fun seems to be the order of the day in the Sri Lankan ad industry as Brandon uses his blog to defend something that seems to have been going on, or not going on, or whatever. I often have this feeling when reading the blog of a person who's a good few years younger than me. It's a feeling of

"mmm I wonder if they'll really regret putting that post out on a blog in years to come."

Maybe they won't, maybe they'll be cool with it. I wonder though.

Over in theatrical circles there's another debate kicking off nicely. Tracy Holsinger has written an open letter to the editor of the Sunday Observer Magazine. I've been watching the scenario with interest and it opens up all sorts of debates in my mind. Things about reviews, whether reviewers have a responsibility to get their facts right, whether there is anything positive about negative criticism and a whole manner of ruminations on the goldfish bowl aspect of Colombo society.

Indi has put up this one about the benefit concert at Barefoot for Mo. I know I'm not the first and I know I won't be the last to wish him all the best. I only met him a few years ago for the first time but I know he's such an integral part of the general ambience at Barefoot and liked muchly by all.

This post by Janusis caught my eye, made me smile and made me laugh. The nail has been hit firmly on the head. This discrimination and unfairness against the slightly older and fatter TVs must stop at once. They're as good as flat screens and they're real TVs with real screens and cathode ray tubes and wires too.

Ravana, who surely must be the least anonymous anonymous blogger in the Sri Lankan blogosphere, perhaps only second to Electra who rarely posts these days, has chucked out a nifty chunk on patriotism, or false patriotism. I've got a far less, erm what's the word, ah yes, a far less eloquent post that touches on the subject sitting in my drafts somewhere and I may retrieve it and brush off the dust and whack it out at some point. If you do head over to Ravana's post make sure to read the comments, they're an integral part of the beauty of it.

I'll leave you and sign off with the following gem. Java emailed it to me and it's excited me tremendously, which admittedly isn't too hard. My excitement is multipled by fact that I now know how to embed a youtube video into my blog. You've been warned. Happy times!



Anonymous said...

Thanks, R.D. You couldn't have started with a better clip. It's beautiful.

Gutterflower said...

Thanks so much for the mention and the encouraging feedback RD. Really appreciate it!

As for the lack of posts, over here in SL it looks as though people are practicing for the Vesak week end.

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Ravana - Full credit must go to a certain Mr Jones who sent me the link in the first place.

Gutterflower - You're very welcome, and lucky I'm not a spider lover!

Janusis said...

Yeah! Fat TVs rock!

Darwin said...

So you like my flower pics? More coming up!

Anonymous said...

I'm enjoying a huge traffic, thanks to the intro and encouraging comments RD.

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

The pleasure's all mine Mr Urchin!