Sunday, May 18, 2008

Blogging, Writing, Talking And Thinking.

Ian S left a comment here that reminded me of a post I've been meaning to write for some time. He asked whether I talk as I write, or something like that, I can't quite remember.

It's a highly interesting subject, that of writing versus talking. I'd never written much before I started this blog and frankly the way I write is, I think, a fairly accurate reflection of the way I think. But the big difference is that of planning and forethought. I write without a style, well without a thought out style. I throw a word or two in here, a simile or metaphor in there and often see a funny side in things that many don't.

But when I write I get time to think about the words I use. I can read, edit, erase, deleted. I can go over things and decide whether they get published or not. My decision is often as dodgy as a Sri Lankan Policeman, as I rarely know what's going to get interest and what isn't. My ongoing problems in figuring out the posts that will get comments are still there, my concern is far less though.

Talking, the kind that involves using the mouth and making noises that turn into words, means split second thought and quick use of the mind. It means one has to think of things and say them straight away. There's no "save in draft" option, no reading it later and deciding if it's funny before you actually say it. It just happens. I've found that this blogging thing has helped my vocabulary immensely. I can start to write a post, pause on a word or a phrase and try to think of a different way of presenting it. Increasingly this new found way with words comes through in my day to day conversation and I'll find myself using a word, phrase or sentence that I might have written. But it's the written bit that comes first for me. Talking isn't my chosen platform to try out new words and sentences.

The little bit of writing that I do in this blog has made me appreciate skill and effort that goes into proper writing. The thought, talent and brilliance that true writers possess and exhibit now astounds me as I sit and peruse a newspaper or a blog. From young up and comers like the Gutterflower and Sach to old sages like Java, David Blacker and Dhammika I read and hang on their every word and marvel at the way they weave stories and play with sentences and language.

So, to anyone whose blog I read, I'd like to say thanks for the knowledge and the sharing. It's an ongoing learning experience for me.

Now, I must go, it's sleep time and I've got a gig tomorrow.


mixedblessings89 said...

Hi :)
It's true, what you say... I love to read, and often wish I had the talent to write as well as some of my favourite authors. I neglected my blog for months in between, because even though I found certain topics and issues thrumming through my mind and consciousness constantly... I couldn't find the motivation to write something. Also, I almost always need to write a piece out on paper before I type it out.
Interestingly, I find that even though my favourite authors have in general all been British, a story which smells of India, and written by a true Indian- somebody who understands my country, and loves it, not a foreigner who turns his or her nose up, or one of these page 3 cosmopolitans... fulfills me so much more. I wonder if that happens with you as well?

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Hi Mixedb89- I find that novels, stories and narrative about Sri Lanka, whether written by a foreigner or a Sri Lankan invariably capture and fascinate me as they give me insight into the way people think and see Sri Lanka.

In the same way I love reading things about England, more specifically about London though, as I feel so much more in touch with the words.

Thanks for your comment.

sach said...

You never acknowledge it but this pimped up diary of yours contains some of the most entertaining writing I've ever come across in the blogsphere. Especially those priceless similes and metaphors of yours. Good luck for the gig.

dsome said...

Hey You
You are not a bad writer yourself. As mentioned before and unfortunately unpublished your 'debonair sarcasm and wit' entertains me every wee cold British morning.
You must have heard this many a time, channel the creative energy to actually write a book?

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

Sach + D - Thank you kindly for the compliments. Maybe there's a book in each of us but, if there is, I think mine lurks deeply.

Gutterflower said...

Interesting, because this is something I wanted to post about some time back. And I’m going to have to agree with Sach and dsome. I love reading your blog because I love your humour and the style in which you write. And your metaphors make me crack up every time. :)