Sunday, August 24, 2008

Casual Sunday Morning Questions

As I lie here in my bed unable to sleep I thought I'd chuck out a couple of random questions that have been floating around in the Rhythmic head lately:

1) - How many pairs of jeans should a person have? I mean "active" ones, that is, ones that you would wear happily Not old out of fashion ones lurking in the back of your wardrobe, current ones that you'd chuck on at a moment's notice and walk out in, without feeling as if everyone's pointing at you because you've got a pair of your Dad's (or Mum's) jeans on. I'm currently on about five and thinking that it's a few too many for the normal metrosexual man about town that I am.

2) - Sarongs. When you get into bed, if you're a sarong wearer like myself, do you undo your sarong straight away and let it float around freely or do you fall asleep with it tied?

3) - Facebook friends. These people on FB who have thousands of friends. What's all that about then?

4) - Why is it that, here in England, we so often get such crap customer service?

That's about it for now. Hopefully I'll sleep, rest my weary head and dream of Colombo and Serendipity.

Oh, and many happy returns to Dinidu. It's his birthday you know.


Dinidu said...

Thank you for the wishes! :)

1) I have three. And I think that's just about right.

2) Undo it straigh away, not take it off, but undo it. And yes, I'm a sarong wearer too. Born free, hanging free is my motto.

3) Err... Maybe they are really really popular, or maybe they just add everyone they come across. I have 49 invitations that I've been sent, for those I have no idea about.

4) Haven't experienced it so far.

Happy Sundaying! :P

David Blacker said...

1) I've got five too, and I think I could do with a few more.

2) What exactly is the point of wearing a sarong in bed?

3) Pass.

4) Maybe they were here in SL on holiday.

Darwin said...

1) I have about 6 pairs. It's adequate for the moment.

2) No comment, I sleep in boxers.

3) I have 200+ friends. This is after extensive 'trimming down' and deleting off 'unnecessary' contacts (or refusing to add unknown randoms).

4) No idea! Maybe because the route the calls to India or something.

Soixante Neuf said...

1) A person can never have too many pairs of good jeans. I don't have nearly as many as you men seem to have. Pfft. But I guess that's because, being a woman, I have a lot more options.

2) I would never wear a sarong to bed. I would never really wear anything very much to bed. Too hot. Too uncomfortable. Besides, with a sarong, whether you undid it at the start or not, I'm guessing it would always end up somewhere near your head by morning. Which means you're running the risk of suffocating in your own sarong. Sounds foolhardy to me.

3) I don't have thousands. But I do admit to adding people I know but never, ever talk to, EVER. I wish I could delete them all but at this late stage that would just be rude.

4) Gotta be better than SL. Dammit, count your blessings, R!

Rhythmic Diaspora said...

DB - I think the beauty of a sarong in bed is that it can be adapted and used as a sheet or a covering if you need to get up and pee or something.

6 - Yes, I have narrowly avoided death by sarong on many occasions.

Anonymous said...

1) Geez. I'm ashamed to admit to having only 3 current. 1. Really comfy, 2. Tight fitting one (which is now a bit on the loose side too) and 3. Ragged old pair.

2) Hmm.. in most cases undo it. Sarongs rock man! Specially since I've acquired the skill, of keeping it in place. :)

Scourge (Skûrj) said...

1)- I've got 4 pairs of jeans and it seems about enough.

2)- Sarongs for sure. Undo as soon as you get in to bed. The first few nights I wore a sarong it ended up on the floor in the morning. But now I seem to have successfully learned to keep in on during the night...

3)- I think I have 400 something friends. These are people I know + some acquaintances. Got a bunch of pending requests from people I have no clue about, and most of them are guys/men. Weird... I've heard of some people who accept anyone. Must be people who wanna make friends or look popular... I dunno...

4)- Crappy CS in England? You gotta check out the customer service (if any) here. Once you experience it the Sri Lankan way, you'll adore the English service.