Monday, August 11, 2008

I Told You She'd Make A Profit

I can't remember exactly where but I do recollect saying that it wouldn't surprise me if K made a profit from the holiday to Sri Lanka.

I went to collect the girls the other night for our Wednesday evening. K said that she just had to run upstairs and get something. She returned with what looked suspiciously like a large wad of money. It was a large wad of money, well not real money but that Sri Lankan stuff.

"There you go Dad"

"What's that?" I asked rather stupidly.

"It's the 6000 Rs I told you about." She replied.

One of those bells rang in my head, then another one went off about a semitone lower. The first bell was the one that told me she had mentioned it before, the second was the "This is going to cost me money that I'll pretend to mind spending but I don't really mind spending" bell.

"Actually there's 6129 Rs there." she said with a squinty look in her eyes.

"Okay cool." I said, knowing that there was more to come.

"That means you owe me £50."

"Eh! How? Why? How did you work that out?" Came my somewhat squeeky reply.

"Well the rate at the hotel was 206 Rs for a pound yeah?" she said patronisingly.

"Yes, about that I think."

"So I'll do it for 200." she said.

I knew I was going to win this one and could see balloons going off, party streamers and ticker tape parades, Winning against K is rare and memorable, as you well know by now.

"So you owe me £50 then."

"No I don't, I owe you £30."

"No Dad. It's £50. It's £30 for the rupees and you owe me £20 pocket money."

"Aaah right. I'll give it to you at the weekend, I don't have that much cash on me now."

"Ok Dad, that's fine."

Told you.

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Ahamed Nizar said...

haha shes smart...

tell me she wants to be a banker and not a vet or something...