Friday, August 8, 2008

The Half Tag

No one's tagged anyone, that's nice, particularly as it means Java won't get all annoyed and angsty when he gets tagged.

But people are doing it, here's my list:

I remember - a time when being Sinhalese or Tamil wasn't relevant, when being Sri Lankan in itself was enough to make people feel united.

I don't - think I'll ever choose to eat cous cous over rice. Never ever.

I want - to travel around Sri Lanka taking photographs.

I hate - Nothing. I really can't think of anything or anyone. The thought of eating snails, that's it.

I wonder - where all the people who used to go to Galle Face Green on a Sunday evening go at the moment.

I have - way too many clothes to be a man.

I know - I have way too many clothes for a man.

I wish - I knew then what I know now

I love - The soundtrack to life in Sri Lanka

I won't - ever stop learning

I think - Anyone can do anything if they want it enough

I hope - Life never becomes boring

I can - make all my limbs do different things at the same time. It's not very useful, apart from in drumming and sex.

I enjoy - see above

I truly - thank the people who make me happy.


gutterflower said...

Egads! I seem to have started a weird domino effect. :)

Sean said...

Whenever I'm told that "anyone can do anything if they want it enough" I usually tell them to try and ski through a revolving door :D

..but I'm well impressed by your multi-tasking limbs!